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5 podcasts to help you learn Japanese

By Misty Fujii

Work smarter, not harder, especially when it comes to learning Japanese. While taking a multi-faceted approach is important, it doesn’t have to be about memorizing kanji (Japanese words/characters) or practicing endless grammar. Sometimes learning involves listening, and there are many ways to do that, like watching anime and playing games or listening to music and audiobooks. But podcasts are undeniably simple and short ways to take in more Japanese.

It can be as easy as listening to one five to twenty-minute podcast a day, or you can fully immerse yourself by only listening to things in Japanese. While these podcasts offer a wide range of hosts, topics and Japanese levels, one common thread they share is that they are all excellent tools to help master a complex language.

Here are five of the best for lower to intermediate-level Japanese learners.

1. NHK World Japan & NHK Daily News Podcast

NHK is the nation’s leading go-to news broadcast for Japanese people and foreigners. So naturally, it is an excellent podcast for keeping up with news in Japanese that is clear and easy to understand.

The Daily News Podcast features international headlines in immersive Japanese, which may initially seem overwhelming for a beginner. But it’s useful for any level, up to advanced learners, and you’ll start hearing your comprehension improve in real-time.

In addition to the news in Japanese, there are podcast episodes geared to specific levels on the NHK World Japan site, with topics like getting a job, shopping, and life in Japan. And if all of that is still too much like diving into the deep end, NHK also offers a website with easy Japanese lessons, perfect for beginners just starting.

2. Bilingual News

Listening and speaking are just as essential as reading. Photo: iStock/ Nicoletaionescu

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