7 terrifying Japanese urban legends that are based on true stories

By Erika Van 't Veld

A haunted village in Kyushu, a doll possessed by a girl’s spirit in Hokkaido—these may sound like Japanese Horror movies, but they’re real-life stories based on actual events. Not only that, you can go and visit the origin of many of these creepy stories for yourself, if you dare.

While Japan’s yurei and yokai (ghosts and mythological spirits) are based on old superstition, the following stories are more than real. All we have to say is, whatever you do, don’t open the portal to Tomino’s Hell—no matter how tempting it may be. Some stories are better left on paper, without a second chapter.

Here are seven Japanese urban legends that are totally based on reality to tell in the dark this Halloween.

The lawless Inunaki Village

If you stumble upon the entrance to Inunaki Village, you will be greeted by signs to stay away, warning “the constitution and laws of Japan do not apply here.”

Sitting in the countryside of Kyushu’s Fukuoka Prefecture, this abandoned village is only accessible through a tunnel in which hundreds of workers were killed when it collapsed during its construction.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

The village was slowly abandoned for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Some say it was because of a widespread plague that wiped out the population. Others say it was just due to its remoteness, but the wildest story is that one of the villagers went crazy and murdered everyone with an axe.

Whatever the case, no one has actually lived here since the end of World War II and electronic devices reportedly don’t work inside. Are those the sounds of barking dogs, or the screams of dead workers that you hear emanating from deep inside the tunnel?

The doll that grows human hair

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Japan has such an amazing culture about the ghost but don't have their own Yurei and Yokai day, i would put it as 'YAY' day, on Jan 31st.

And all those people who want to enjoy should go to these village and jungle and enjoy their YAY day.

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A no-life stalker is much scary than any ghost or phantom alive.

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Where is inunaki village located ??

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Sounds like sounds like a place for Sam and Dean Winchester. They've dealt with a lot worse. The ghost of construction workers and villagers wouldn't bother me it would be the samurai but you have to worry about. And those Spirits have been there for a thousand years

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