Interest in nursing care jobs grows in Japan amid pandemic


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These are tough, low paid jobs. I hope work conditions improve.

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The j gov needs to step in and provide regulations that will improve the lives and salaries of these workers. Lets not forget that the LDP is mostly made up of old men who may need these services in the future. They MIGHT want to make sure their future care givers are not disgruntled..

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Unqualified and inexperienced people should not consider this line of work unless they are willing and able to gain the necessary qualifications and experience first. It’s physically and mentally hard work, with snobbery labelling this essential work as low status, coupled with poor pay. You have to be mentally strong.

It should not be a job you take because you can’t find anything else. Any employer looking for care staff should ensure they are properly trained and supervised, rather than go for the cheapest option. They should also be able to do a criminal record check.

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These are tough, low paid jobs. I hope work conditions improve.

I have a cousin who does this. She’s come home from work scratched and bruised after dealing with patients suffering with dementia. She’s one of the good guys on crap pay.

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Growing? They're not choosing it from their heart. This job is the easiest demand than any others for any ages above 18. Choosing this option is for their extra career in a difficult situation, otherwise no, they wouldn't do this job at all.

Still though, can't believe Air Hostess career is more respectable than nurse.

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Shigeho Iwabuchi, 55, who until recently worked as a professional clown, took up a job at a fee-charging nursing home for the aged in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, in April.

There's no clowning around when you are taking care of an elderly patient.

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