Preschools using tablets to prep children for digital age

By Yuri Kageyama

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Kids need to play with crayons, toys and wood pieces! There's much more to these for learning than to use just a finger on a screen all day long.

Anyone with kids knows that they will learn to use any digital device in less than one minute anyway, no need to hook them to these since kindergarden!

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agree with koiwaicoffee, most research also points in this direction. This is just a cheap way to keep children engaged. Actually pretty sad if you think you pay for preschool and you kid sits in front of an iPad... I’m lucky that my daughter went to a proper kindergarten and now aged 10 knows perfectly how to use her iPad for play and school research. Kids need to go outside play, get dirty and have fun!

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They’ll be as good as robots soon, then we can retake the workplace. Go kids!

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If one of the kids manages to get Youtube up on one of them, she or he will be the greatest hero ever.

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I agree with the comments above. The kids can pick them/learn (devices) up anytime. They need to use their brains,creativity and their hands more not less. They can be dumbed down anytime later on to use an ipad.

An ipad is only a tool not a teacher or babysitter.

What i have noticed here in Oz is that the kids writing/spelling is woeful now. Is the overuse of these devices the culprit. They start using the rotten things prep level now.

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These kidz have plenty of time to draw on touchscreens at home answer the rest of the day on their parents smartphones and tablets.

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