Glamping facility The Farm in Chiba

A guide to some of the best camping spots in and just outside Tokyo

By Lucy Dayman

Now that summer is heavily upon us with its scorching nights and long days, there’s no better time to make a cool escape from the sweltering concrete-reflected heat of inner-city Tokyo. From lush mountainous terrain, and crystal clear lakes to breezy beachside hangouts and rustic farm-style glamping, there are so many diverse and incredible outdoor escapes a lot closer to the city than you think. Here’s a guide to some of the best.

Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo (Saitama)


An ideal spot for first-time campers, or those who aren’t too keen on just living off the bare essentials, the Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo nestled in the foliage covered hills of in Chichibu-gun, Saitama is definitely worth looking into. The fully equipped site features a small convenience store, a rental outlet for camping equipment, vending machines, on-site BBQ facilities and even prepared meal sets for sale ready to be cooked on the aforementioned BBQs. If you don’t have a tent, don’t sweat it, there are also rental cabins onsite available as well as more classic camping areas.

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Everything is wrong with the word Glamping and the people that do it.

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Camping in Tokyo?

What fun.....

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Camping is quite popular in San Francisco and other cities, it seems. Some places you can hardly walk for all the people camping on the streets.

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Everything is wrong with the word Glamping and the people that do it.

Victims of hype and Instagram, I reckon.

There are some very clean campsites in Japan and onsens everywhere, and the majority of folks autocamp with tons of gear, so glamping is hardly a reaction against camping=roughing it.

Camping in Tokyo?

Up by Hachioji, Tokyo is quite rural. It's Chiba, but you don't have to go far toward Narita in a straight line for it to get green. I know some campsites on the coast in Niigata that are right next to the main road, Route 8. I think I'd get more sleep at a quiet spot that's still in the Tokyo 23 wards.

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I thought he idea of camping is to get away from people, not to join them. I go camping at least once a month or sometimes more often and have only used a designated camping area once in 15 years. There were so many rules and regulations it was not relaxing at all. We had a 6m square roped off area of very rough and sloping dirt with tree roots sticking up everywhere. One of my friends came on his touring bicycle. He placed his one-man tent on the edge of the roped off area (the rope was on the ground). One corner of his tent crossed the rope by less than six inches, but the park manager came over and told him to move his tent inside the rope. This was despite the fact that, there was no camping site next to us. It was just a small patch of forest. Another case of being told what to do in Japan. That was the first and last time I used one of these 'auto park' camping facilities. I have found many places to camp by rivers or beaches with few people and amenities nearby with nobody telling you what to do.

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Hate us all you want but we will be glamping for the first few years with our daughter until we can introduce her to the more spartan style of camping. Glamping is really just one step away from the Autocamping most people do, with 2 and three bedroom tents, and more cooking tools than i have in my normal kitchen

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No hate dude, but children have been born in less than tents for millennia. Don't use her as your excuse to not camp.

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 Japan has a lot less garbage bins laying about than many other cities, so do be prepared to bring your trash home with you if need be.

Um, no.

Japan has the potential to be a great camping country. The problem is the uptight overbearing people running the campsites. I got so sick of 10 am check out times and 3 p.m check in times, and long lists of fascist rules that view campers as prison inmates that I have mostly given up in recent years.

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Out here in Hokuriku, I've found there are minimal restrictions, rules are as flexible as the people who make them, and the campground kanrinin are happy to have someone who'll pay to stay and hang around to have a chat to relieve their boredom...

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No hate dude, but children have been born in less than tents for millennia. Don't use her as your excuse to not camp.

Well you do have a point. Maybe its more about the wife, who wants to try glamping.

Once this heatwave is over i might give it a go. I prefer the chilly nights in the tent over sweating in 30 degrees at night.

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