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A guide to volunteering in Japan

By Elizabeth Sok

Like many places, volunteering rates in Japan tend to rise in the aftermath of disasters. By the third anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, according to a study by the Japan National Council of Social Welfare, more than 1.3 million people volunteered in the disaster-struck area. From vulnerable individuals and groups to animals and nature, there are plenty in need of support throughout the year. Japan has a variety of organizations you can contact if you’re looking to help out.

If you want to try volunteering in Japan, here’s a list of groups where commitments can vary from donating goods to volunteering for a few hours or weeks.

International and Refugee Aid

The local and global have become increasingly interconnected and these organizations pride themselves on connecting you to the struggles that people face inside and outside Japan.


Helping Children and Women

Women and children tend to suffer the most in abusive environments and these groups want to be there to support these vulnerable groups.


Helping Animals and the Environment

Like people, animals and the environment need care, too.

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In my experience, once you contact these organisations, all they want is your donation of cash. They do not need you to show up

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As a Buddhist, this article is a blessing. More people need to volunteer here. I doubt the hater comments above/below even contacted these organizations, let alone donated their time or money. Every little bit helps. We need to stop thinking about ourselves sometimes and do what we can for others.

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Rocketpig, it doesn't have to be cash, we regularly donate old clothes (ours or kids'), and the old toys to charity.

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