Photo: One Piece Fitness BragMen

A permanent 'One Piece'-themed fitness gym is opening in Japan, now recruiting pirate trainers

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Reading manga and watching anime are both excellent ways to spend your free time, as they’re both outstanding sources of entertainment and inspiration. A major drawback, though, is that they’re both sedentary hobbies.

So for looking to get not just their daily otaku dopamine dose but also some exercise, there’s a "One Piece" gym that’s going to be opening in Japan.

The facility will be called One Piece Fitness BragMen, taking the last part of its name from "One Piece’s" in-universe tome of adventure tales. As shown in these artist renderings, BragMen will take its interior styling cues from "One Piece’s" nautical fantasy aesthetic, and that theme carries over to the staff uniforms as well, as on-site trainers and instructors “dressed as pirates” will be waiting to help you meet your fitness goals, according to the gym’s website.

Photo: One Piece Fitness BragMen

BragMen will also offer exclusive exercise programs based on the "One Piece" world, and it even adapts some video game play mechanics to help keep customer motivation levels up. Visiting the gym for a workout earns you points that can be exchanged for prizes, similar to a log-in bonus, and members will also have a “pirate rank” that they can raise by clearing objectives such as achieving a target muscle mass body fat percentage.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that BragMen isn’t just some preexisting gym that’s going to be taken over by some "One Piece" theming for a limited-time promotion, but a permanent, full-fledged fitness club (they’ll even offer sports programs for kids). The gym is scheduled to open in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood early next year, but they’re already recruiting trainers, and if you want to join their pirate crew applications can be made online here.

*Source: One Piece Fitness BragMen via *Hachima Kiko

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"sedimentary" hobbies?! It should be "sedentary" hobbies.

Moderator: Thank you for pointing that out. It has been corrected.

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