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A winter light display that celebrates every month of the year – Jewellumination

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

With the most number of light bulbs at a winter light display, this year’s illumination event at Yomiuri Land – Jewellumination – is a big one.

Developed by light artist and designer Motoko Ishii, Jewellumination resembles the sparkle and shine of colorful birthstones as if they were to light up the night sky. Following the theme "The world of Greek Mythology," the display is split across 12 areas which have been named ‘Jewel Olympus’, and features a record-breaking 6.5 million light bulbs.

Inspired by birthstones, the 12 areas are as follows; Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Moonstone, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Pal, Topaz, Tanzanite.

Across the park, rides and entertainment will be lit up in colors reminiscent of their themed stone, with not a single inch of the park left untouched by light.


Additionally, every 15 minutes from 5 p.m., three impressive fountain display performances will take place in the Tanzanite area’s wave pool.

The popular show, La Fontaine will be back on an impressive scale, with fountains reaching 15 meters in light. Discover more about birthstones at the fountain display, ‘The Secret of the birthstones, and enjoy the fun at ‘Silhouette’ where stylish music, captivating lights and energetic dancers come together to create a color-rich performance.

No evening out is complete without a tasty meal, so of course, Jewellumination has a number of stalls set up for you to choose your fill. Each dish has been influenced by the bright colors of birthstones, so you can be sure that your dinner will be just as bright as the illumination display.


Conclude your evening with an impressive night view from the top of the ferris wheel, where you can enjoy the panorama of Tokyo’s skyline. Combine Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower and other iconic Tokyo sightseeing spots with the gemstone illumination of the park below for a breathtaking sight.

As the scale and beauty of Yomiuriland’s winter light display increases each year, there’s no better light festival to illuminate those dark winter skies.

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Finally, a light display fo Hanukkah!

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It's a beautiful light for any religious holiday.

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starpunkToday  01:07 pm JST

It's a beautiful light display for any religious holiday.

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Not been there yet, have done the Sagamiko Pleasure Forest and Seibu Yuenchi displays but will take the kids here this year.

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