Aircraft cabin-style hotel to open in Tokyo Dome City on March 15


First Cabin, a capsule hotel company whose motto is “compact & luxury,” is planning to offer a stylish and comfortable overnight experience for a low price.

Their “cabin style” accommodations simulate a flight experience, with first class, business class, and premium economy class “cabin” compartments as well as a main lounge room. The first class cabin has a bed and a small bedside table with a bit of space to move around. The business class cabin is more minimalized with there being room for just the bed and no standing space, and the economy class cabins are stacked like bunk beds, but of course, are each enclosed spaces.

The shared spaces are equipped with useful amenities, like Wi-fi and electric outlets in the main lounge and basic cosmetics like face soap and lotion and even hair styling irons in the ladies’ area.

With 23 facilities around Japan, First Cabin is opening its new branch in Tokyo Dome City on March 15.

It will be on the first floor of the Yellow Building in Tokyo Dome City, a two-minute walk from JR Suidobashi Station. Tokyo Dome City attracts many tourists and locals for its shops, restaurants, museums, spa facilities, and amusement park. Suidobashi is also a 10-minute ride from Tokyo Station, a convenient location for businessmen, and First Cabin hopes to gather a variety of customers, meeting their different needs.

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Interesting. I wonder what they charge per night, particularly during the rugby this year or olympics next.

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They need a real economy class with no leg room, narrow chair, tray table pushed into your stomach when passenger in front reclines, hard armrests, 11 abreast seating, plastic utensils and food tray.

That would be real flying!

And don't forget the security check....

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I wonder if capsule sleepers might take up less room on aircraft than seats? Think be good choice for long overseas flights.

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