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Art of noise: UK project aims to save lost sounds

By Helen Rowe and Eric Randolph

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I often recorded train audio in Japan: Assorted announcements, jingles and beeps as you hear in the background on YouTube cab rides. Akiba was always good for ambient noise as you walked through it. I hope it still is. For vanishing noises: Untuned TV hiss as featured in the movie 'Poltergeist', as TVs today autotune to channels. Dial-up internet. Computer games loading from audio tape. A videocassette fast forwarding. An original mechanical telephone ring. Analogue watches and clocks. A Roneo machine producing copies as you turn the handle. Manual and electric typewriters. Dot matrix printers. Inserting and ejecting floppy disks. The old manual swing doors on BR trains and the sound of the windows in them going up and down. Cap guns, now frowned upon.

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Scary to think that in the decades to come, people might look back in nostalgia on noises like the reversing beep of trucks and the ubiquitous 'Go-chuuuui kudasai' on the moving walkways or escalators.

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Art of noise: UK project aims to save lost sounds

I saw the tittle and thought is "Art of noise" still making music?

Perhaps knowing "Art of noise is the electronic music project/group from 1983~ would have been less confusing.

Wasted my time reading something that is nothing new as universities around the world have entire anthropology and art departments doing this since I was a child.

Wow to make something so old and not new seems like a great new discovery.

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GBR48, yes the slam doors on trains, I heard it in my memory as I read your comment, can’t think how long ago they disappeared?

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