Australian man offers his home to the world


A 27-year-old Australian man has taken the world by storm after offering to fly one lucky person to his home in Brisbane, Queensland, where they will be able to stay rent-free in his luxury, riverfront apartment for a whole year. The amazing offer has been hailed as the most exciting tourism campaign since the “Best Job in the World.”

The offer is open to anyone over the age of 18 and is worth about $40,000. You can apply by going to the Keys to Brisbane website at and uploading a 60 second video saying why you should be selected. Applicants also need to pay a once-only fee of $20 to apply.

As well as receiving free flights to Australia, the successful applicant also gets to stay rent-free in a luxury, riverfront, apartment located just five minutes away from universities, businesses, restaurants and major shopping centers.

The apartment comes fully-furnished and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car parks, plus views overlooking the city. It also includes a 20-meter pool, heated spa, full-size tennis court, sauna and gymnasium, as well as barbecue facilities.

Despite going live just two weeks ago, the website has already been viewed in over 52 countries worldwide. Applications will remain open until Sept 16.

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If I didn't have my job, I'd be the first to apply. Too bad it's not longer--like 20 years.

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"Australian man offers his home to the world." More like, 'Australian man thinks of brilliant business idea under the guise of offering his home to the world'. With the free publicity and power of the internet, at $20 per pop, I'm sure he'll easily surpass the $40,000 (plus airfare) that he'll have to shell out for his "offer"! If it were an altruistic offer, he wouldn't be charging the $20!

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And how would those tourists get a 1 year visa? Agree, the $20 charge is hilarious. He must make millions with this deal. Maybe I should do the same, charge the $20, then rent out a room in my house for free with the clause of the winner only having to pay for my food too. Anyone interested?

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Forgot to add, with free usage of skis in winter just by shovelling the snow.

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I agree with Equality that it's a smart move to make some money rather than just renting, but nowhere does he state this it's for altruistic reasons. When I visited the site, he was pretty much upfront about what he was doing and why. He basically wants to rent his apartment for a year but has no wish to rent to some person off the street whom might trash his place, so this way he gets a chance to interview potential tenants and hopefully find someone who will treat his place nicely. Even so, living in a foreign country for a year will be difficult even rent free if you don't have a job and you don't already have the money to support yourself unless you can get a working VISA. Australia does offer a working holiday VISA though, as long as you're under 30 (I believe).

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As mentioned in the posts above. A great money making scam if 2000 people apply then the $40,000 is covered, another 2000 entries will then cover his rent and any entries above this is profit (or going to pay the rent). Smart guy if it works, can potentially make a bucket load of money out of this. And its better than renting to the type of clowns you get renting your house normally.

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type of clowns you get renting your house normally

just insure the place for more than it's worth, and hope they do burn it down :)

don't worry - just profit from it

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We might see a lot of copycats doing this kind of business.

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The amazing offer has been hailed as the most exciting tourism campaign

What a lot of bull.

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Scam, it is a lottory where you have to pay 20 dollars... it's the internet, a young woman will always win

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"Applicants also need to pay a once-only fee of $20 to apply"

Only once? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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"If there isn't enough interest, cash will be refunded".

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PR publicity, big deal its nothing new..

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Several months later...

The top 20 candidates were chosen and voted for online, but, in the end, Simon Hamill decided that not enough people had applied and withdrew the keystobrisbane offer.

I don't know anyone who applied, but I suspect people feel cheated by Simon Hamill. Their $20 was refunded, but they created videos, and solicited friends to vote online, for what turned out to be an enormous foolish waste of time.

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