Bald 'cancer Barbie' doll to debut in 2013


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Dennis, it's targeted at children that are losing hair (or have a loved one that is) while going through medical treatment. They're also not available for sale, but they're going to be given to the kids that are going through tough times. My aunt, a cancer survivor, is more victorious and strong than most people I've ever met. I was past the age of playing with Barbies when I saw her bald for the first time, but I'm glad to hear that they are making something that could possibly ease the tough times for kids.

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ppokkiya-You got that right. I had a close friend that had his teenage daughter go through some hard core cancer treatment. She went from an average bodyweight to almost nothing. I remember her crying all the time because her body hurt, she couldn't keep anything down, and all of her hair fell out. I've never seen a human being be so strong for what seemed like eternity. Today, she is a beautiful and successful doctor practicing in the U.S. I'm sure these dolls will give children like her hope..strength.......and some sense of normality.

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Great idea. Anybody who helps kids get through a serious illness deserves a standing ovation.

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My sister is recovering from breast cancer and has lost all of her beautiful hair. Her very understanding husband likes to model her wigs in front of their three children - he wants to show the humor, versatility - and most of all, the strength that humans are capable of. These Barbies would be wonderful for such children, and I plan to order a few for my nephew and nieces as soon as they are available. Thank you, Mattel.

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If you are going to make any investment in a human enterprise, kids are #1 in my book.

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@ppokkiya thanks for the clearup, i missunderstood , i thought it was a mass market item

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eh? does she also have only one breast? when i played as a kid with toys, it was always as a hero the strong one, the victorious one, is this targeted at the kids or at the parents?

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I also thank you Mattel.

3 members of my family had cancer(2 breast and 1 face) and the chemo/radiation does wreak havoc(hair-loss can be a major downer for a woman or guy) on their bodies. Said that the Dolls need to come with open talk and explanations.

Helps with the depressions a sufferer can face and explain why they wear knitted caps, etc.

Not how about a doll for us guys with thinning hairs. :P

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