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British Antique Museum opens in Japan with authentic Sherlock Holmes study exhibit

By grape Japan

The British Antique Museum (BAM) officially held its grand opening in Kamakura on September 23, and kicked things off with a very detailed Sherlock Holmes Exhibition.


BAM Kamakura’s intention is to pass on the importance and wonder of long inherited objects and historical personnel to many people.

BAM’s architecture was designed by Kengo Kuma. He incorporated the signature Kamakura architectural concept by using Kamakura carvings on Hinoki (Japanese cypress trees) for the exterior of the building.



Inside the museum, visitors can view exhibits of authentic antiques dating back more than 100 years. Each floor is coordinated with themed spaces such as the study and living space of the great Sherlock Holmes and Victorian era, and a vintage London cab will be on the grand floor. Visitors can step right into the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective.



You can find access information about the museum and exhibit at the museum's official homepage.

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Ok.... No thanks..

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Victorian sitting rooms were so cozy!

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Holmes and Watson lived in digs.

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authentic Sherlock Holmes study exhibit

How does one create an “authentic” exhibit about a fictional character?

3 ( +4 / -1 )

If you look at the website, it doesn't look like any of their many consultants are British. Which suggests they are more concerned about commercial needs like getting tourists in than any kind of historical accuracy or educational benefit a knowledgable British person could help them with.

The building is modernist, but looks quite nice.

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Odd ceiling for a Victorian London building, they had cornicing and a central ceiling rose, it appears to be a rough copy of the room in the Sherlock Holmes museum in London. That London taxi dates from about 1949 long after the last Sherlock Holmes story!

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I am going this Saturday.

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1, The British Sherlock Holmes Museum has been asked to help with the exhibition, it's on the BAM website:

'This time, with the help of the director of the "Sherlock Holmes Museum London" and Holmes researchers, we have selected a selection of furniture, chairs, silverware, lighting and paintings ranging from the real Victorian to Edward, who appears in the story.' (BAM - Sherlock Holmes room page)

2, The black cab is a timeless match for Sherlock Holmes:

Cars have appeared in Basil Rathbone films, as well as in the BBC Sherlock or the CBS series Elementary. (black cabs).

It is linked in Sherlock Holmes adaptations. The exterior of the building is modern and the black car fits in well.

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Victorian era, and a vintage London cab will be on the grand floor.

The floor doesn’t look very grand to me,

The very least they could have had a horse drawn Hackney of the period.

While middle class Victorian rooms did tend to be rather cluttered by our standards, this is farcically over the top.

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Ok.... No thanks..

Nobody's asking or making you go

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