CEO of cheating website Ashley Madison says he's faithful husband


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Yet he supports infidelity for profit. Shame on him.

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"It's just business," as they kept saying through the Godfather movies. Or as Tony "Scarface" Montana might have put it, "Don't get high on your own supply."

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So, he's an old hunchback who lives up in a tower and spies on people with a telescope; somehow I'm not surprised...

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I'm betting more than likely the hacker was cheated on and probably found out it was through Ashley Madison talk about karma lol

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Would it make any difference if he did play around himself? Either way, people are going to cheat on their spouses - always have, always will.

I do think he's losing a part of his soul, though, to be profiting by promoting something he doesn't believe is right. It takes a particular lack of personal ethics to write books about how cheating will save your marriage when he freely admits it would probably destroy his. At some point, we all need more than money to get us out of bed in the morning.

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@commanteer - About the A/M CEO. What soul ?

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"David Christopher of Solana Beach, Calif., said in his 25 years of counseling he has had numerous clients who have acted on such impulses in a moment of loneliness or sadness and caused a lot of pain." - article

If Noel and Amanda Biderman hadn't created a way to betray and cause emotional pain for thousands of people, thousands of people would have created a way to betray and cause emotional pain for thousands of people.

What Noel and Amanda Biderman may have to answer for is the lack of protection for their customers. What will be tested when the lawsuits are filed will be the business practices and technical vulnerabilities Noel and Amanda Biderman maintained on their service designed to aid the intentional harming of individuals in emotionally weak conditions.

Noel Biderman's careless, and frankly abusive business design, has netted $115 Million for 2014. He may be very proud of the wealth he enjoys by creating suffering for many thousands of innocent people.

Mr. Biberman's ancillary problem will now turn on his team of body guards and their loyalty. Interestingly, Noel and Amanda Biderman's business of breaching loyalty now will provide them with many sleepless nights. One hopes their children are similarly protected. The problem with a business that functions to break trust and provide harm to individuals is that they are then themselves the target of far more visceral attention.

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Joyeux Noel!

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"the founder of the adultery site... “I am printing money, I don’t deny it,” Biderman told the New York Daily News in 2014. “That’s what happens when you build a taboo-focused business.”

Gosh, isn't there something better these people could be doing?

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How many see your names on the hacked list?

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