China's single women compete for love and riches


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And the final rose goes to . . .

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Now that China is emerging as a capitalist society, I wonder how long it will take the Chinese to figure out what Westerners found out long ago? That living for things and chasing after material goods is empty and makes no one happy. Not long, I suspect. They're smart people, those Chinese.

Only about 2-3 generations ….

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That living for things and chasing after material goods is empty and makes no one happy.

To early to tell how long it will take Westerners. It is worse than ever today in the US.

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One female contestant famously rebuffed a potential suitor, saying she would “rather cry in a BMW car than laugh on the backseat of a bicycle”.......................................................

This is sad.

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"That living for things and chasing after material goods is empty and makes no one happy."

That is what the powers that be want the sheeple to believe.

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Why don't they get a good education and work hard? That's what most men have to do.

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I think the title should be "China's single women compete for riches ... and love ain't bad either."

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I don't need to be so rich...

And yet, she wants to marry a millionaire.

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But... there's an oversupply of men in China, the men should be competing for access to the undersupply of women. There's currently 30+million more single men than single women in China. All the women have to do is sit and wait, why should they compete with each other over the oversupply of men?

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"swishy dresses and strappy sandals"

They should wear sandals with the straps going all the way up the calf.

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"she would rather cry in a BMW rather than laugh on the backseat of a bicycle"

She would definitely miss out on any good times with me.

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Hopefully these guys make these women sign pre-nups

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That living for things and chasing after material goods is empty and makes no one happy.

The only people that believe this nonsense already have plenty of material things. Nobody that is poor and honestly doesn't know where their next meal is coming from would spout such rubbish.

As the Chinese hopefully figure out, the absence of a meddling government which allows people to express their full desires for more material things is exactly what makes society rich.

And with a rich society, you get all the things that make life more enjoyable, and plenty of free time to enjoy it.

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another requested 200,000 yuan ($31,000) to allow a man to shake her hand.

Ahhh, prostitution, the oldest profession in the world.

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So many errors in this article. 165cm is not 5'4" and it states 24-28 and yet they interviewed a woman who is 29? Nothing but gold diggers.

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Sorry, 20-28.

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The only time I'd fight for a man is when some other woman is trying to take him from me and by that I mean he is my husband. Other than that I'm not into chick fights over a guy. Give me a man with excellent character and financial wisdom. Those two factors are hard to find when one looks in the upper eschelon of humanity. A man who doesn't let his financial and material or any kind of lusts control him is one to keep.

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