Chinese cities becoming too costly for expats: survey


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Are these expats being paid in US dollars or something?

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Many of these surveys are biased towards expatriate business people continuing to live their home countries' lifestyle away from home. The data doesn't really reflect "the average folk" foreigner or even "regular" people.

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The upside of Beijing is you can get all your calories just by breating the air.

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"too costly" is meaningless unless you take salary into account. It's more expensive here than most of the UK but my salary is about double, which more than covers it.

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stuff like gas, rent, eggs, bread, milk, water bill etc.

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I agree with JapanGal. It would be nice to see some empirical data regarding prices of groceries, housing, transport, etc.

Maybe even a ranking with the average monthly living cost for a person or a couple so we can also see how expensive things are here in Japan :P.

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Well, list the items so we can see if we purchase those.

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