Clean-up crew spruce up 'lonely death' apartments

By Chris Meyers

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I wonder if people should have the option of going "Home", like in the movie Soylent Green? I see your favorite color is orange.

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Some people are estranged from their kin or don't have family due to being an only child of parents who themselves were only children. As technology progresses in this nation, I see a need for architects designing housing with built in gadgets for the elderly who are healthy and fit enough to live on their own and choose to do so. Those with no family and on a tight budget would need gadgets that alert someone (perhaps the landlord or a department within the city office) that there is no sign of life. Gadgets like an electronic device attached to a refrigerator that hasn't been opened or to a toilet that hasn't been flushed for awhile. Users customize the device(s).

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When I was going through paramedic school, I did crime scene cleanup as a part time job, and let me tell you, those masks are needed. Between the body, body fluids, and god knows what that's been rotting in that house, it's a serious undertaking.

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This is so sad:( for a very wealthy Nation like Japan, i see this very sad. Nobody deserve a death so lonely as this. They can afford a caregiver to taka care of them why not get one? This is just sooo sad :((

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Various of such gadgets already exist and are in use in Japan. Obviously it would be nice if their use were to become more extensive.

@TinaPan "They can afford a caregiver to taka care of them why not get one?"

How do you know whether all the people who have died lonely deaths could afford caregivers? Or even whether they needed caregivers? Sometimes physically very active people die suddenly of a heart attack or stroke with their death going unnoticed if they didn't normally have a lot of contact with people.

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Hi Educator60,

Good to know such things already exist and are in use in Japan. I am envisioning the day when such things are the norm so lonely deaths won't go unnoticed long enough for the corpse to disintegrate.

Hi Tina-pan,

Agree with Educator60's post... Japan may seem to be full of affluent individuals; I suppose some people think the poorest Japanese is still well off by others. (Quite a few Africans I met in Japan think this. They don't have much education nor skills so they do drudge work. They believe there is no reason for a Japanese or an American to be unemployed. If they are, well, the government takes care of them while back in their countries, it's a different story.) Some Japanese have enough money to take care of themselves and are in reasonably good health, I guess the octogenarian in the article must have been "genki" and bit of a loner so not seeing him for awhile didn't ring alarm bells for the landlord.

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