Could neckties be cool again?


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Ties are good for other things. :-)

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That's where I've gone wrong with my kid; I should have insisted that he wear a tie for our appointments :(

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No, they're not cool....Only bow ties are cool ! :)

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The only thing more uncool than a regular necktie is a bow tie!

I hear some Frenchman invented the necktie. He should have been jailed for that.

Neckties are about the most useless pieces of clothing there are. And dirty! Ask your necktie-wearing doctor when the last time he washed his necktie was. He won't know, or he'll say it's never been washed! Whoa!

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mo~ tai nai

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Good for them. What excites me more is JT's new picture display just after the article. Well done, guys.

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Men with ties are handsome and stylish. If you want to be charming, I recommend you wear a tie.

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