COVID-19 has sparked new wave of innovation across consumer industries: Accenture


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Yes, home décor, fashion, and luxury goods....I agree. Not at

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-'third space'. You want to work at your local pub? That'll boost your productivity. You want to work from a café? And use the free WiFi? Let's chat about security. You want to work from a hotel? You &%^#%. Who is she? I want a divorce!

-renewed focus on health and safety, for example, by using the cloud to help enable fully contactless interactions.

I don't have a 'renewed focus on health and safety'. I was always sensible about such things. Except in love hotels, er, sorry, 'third spaces'. What has the use of cloud storage got to do with that anyway? Why would I want my data on a third party server. Cloud services don't have the best of records. I have no interest in 'fully contactless interactions' (which do not particularly need 'the cloud') and am extremely resentful that my bank has closed my local branch forcing me to rely on one some distance away or use their crappy, tenth rate automated services. Bank branches are great for customer service. Phone or online customer service is typically poor.

The cloud gets mentioned so much in this. Was it sponsored by Microsoft?

Working from home? Not so great with more than one working person in the household. Not so great if you have small children. And then the kids next door, home schooling because of a lockdown, begin their electric guitar lessons. I worked from home long before Covid and it has its very own feature set of problems and benefits. Maybe great in big American homes. Lousy in small ones, crowded ones, apartments and terraces. And in the UK, whilst many offices have aircon, almost no residential properties do. Enjoy your localised version of global warming. I guess on Zoom you can dispense with the pants, but you'll still need a sweaty top. Oh and once again, let's talk about security. And insurance. How many people have been working from home without insurance cover?

Many enjoyed having an office life and a home life. How long before your home-workplace starts to feel like a life sentence in a prison that you are paying to provide?

These reports are called 'grey literature' in the business and are flogged to corporates at shocking prices. Large companies buy them by the cart load and pay staff to archive them, often unread. This one has the added bonus of feeling like it is part of some sinister propaganda push.

Perhaps the pandemic will encourage people to stop buying them. There you go, even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. That's the fluffy sort of cloud that rain comes from, not the online one that gets hacked and goes down when someone's server farm burns down.

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