Love and fakery in the air on Valentine's Day


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He thought she looked older and heavier compared with her page on the dating site.

They always do friend, they always do.

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The ritualisation of relationships through dating, Valentine's, marriage and the like has skewed the way people treat each other and reinforced gender distinction. Get to know each other! Talk! Forget the dress codes and trinket rules! Relax! Listen to what people say, and look beyond the gloss.

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She thought he looked shorter and junior true, so true

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"It also explains why admitting to being poor or jobless brings zero returns for a man looking for love at a cocktail party."

If a man or woman is going on about this on the first meeting at a cocktail party then there are more reasons than some unconscious natural selection going on. And a lot of these other things don't fit well in this day and age. For example, gold diggers aren't looking for good genes to be passed on to children, they are looking for money for themselves, consciously and unconsciously.

Anyway, good luck to all those looking!

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These kinds of article always depress me. So really -am I nothing more than a convenient baby-carrying machine and he nothing more than a walking wallet? Surely there has to be more to it than that? These anthropological studies always seem to suggest that the moment a woman is no longer a viable reproducer or he loses his external indicators of vitality it's game over. So how DO people stay together and happy into old age? Anyone with a bit of nouse about them can pick someone up. It's how they stay together through everything that I find most interesting.

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Depressing indeed. Also shows that, despite all the noise about superficiality of Japanese women and loserishness of Japanese men that we see JT'ers go on about, this is a worldwide phenomenon.

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I think lordosis is great...

I hadn't heard that word until this morning but I'm all for it.

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Lordosis! Maybe I will use it on my vanity license plate in the States. Good, interesting article and so true. As we say in my old neighborhood, beauty is only skin deep but ugly cuts right down to the bone. Happy hunting on Valentine's Day. I will continue to try and walk upright so you ladies won't continue to run away at full speed when you encounter me.

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People on those sites have such unrealistic ideas of who they'll come across on those sites. The men want supermodels and the women want Mr Darcy crossed with Gerard Butler. Then you get the fake photies and profiles... and not to mention the out-and-out weirdos.

Talking of weirdos the clinical examination of dating and finding a mate is a real turn off. What sets us apart from the other animals is our ability to act against our 'nature' and go with what our emotions and feelings tell us. If we all went along with the 'ideal' mate all women would need to have huge hips and boobs while all men would be muscle bound aggressives with the sex drive of a tank engine.

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there has been a series on this subject on Discovery Channel, very interesting research into games people play. Highly recommended (don't remember the title though)

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men just want the hottest women women just want the most powerful/richest man

what does that teach us about our species?

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men just want the hottest women women just want the most powerful/richest man

what does that teach us about our species?

We're shallow...

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“To paraphrase Darwin, males will mate with anything that has a pulse, women are choosy,”

Even if it's paraphrased, Darwin AGAIN brings the timeless truth! :-) I once advised a female friend of mine who was inexperienced with dating that understanding men isn't hard. I told her, "We (guys) ALL want to have sex with women, but the difference between us is how well we can control those 'wants'. You want a guy who can take 'No' for an answer and not treat it like you've betrayed him somehow. Finding someone like that will make the 'Yes' much easier to give when you're ready."

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Actually some men are homosexual and want to have sexual relations with other men.

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Do people make more love on Valentines Day in Japan... do women get pregnant at a higher rate and support the national need for more babies.. ? If so.. chocolate for everyone more than one day a year.. there should be places for people without sweethearts to also meet.. make social media Social..

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This story is pretty demeaning to men in general, maybe I m out of touch with current dating styles. But reading this story I get the impression that the story is more about horny men looking for horny women. And there are financial requirements attached to it, along with physical requirements. If doing a financial background check and also requiring certain physical aspects is the general way people are going about finding someone. Well, I think your not going to find someone that a life time of companionship can be enjoyed from the love and desire standpoint. But there are people who think having financial security is love, sadly.

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Love. Valentine's Day. Hearts everywhere.

Draw a question mark.

Now, edgewise, hold it up to a mirror.

Lo and behold, the reverse mirror-image makes for a heart! Symbolic?

Two acquaintances, facing one another, both with deep-seated questions, hopes. Maybe ....

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I've never celebrated Valentine's Day in a romantic way, it's more about me hanging out with fellow single girl friends and giving my mom flowers. But even when I was in a relationship, we didn't celebrate it, we kinda just laughed about it saying that it's overrated.

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My wife and I low-key Valentine's Day, as our wedding anniversary is ten days later. I treat her like ROYALTY on our anniversary. Not only do I take her to BurgerKING, but we go to DairyQUEEN for dessert!!! bada-bim ...

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