Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style

By Fiachra GIBBONS

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Unfortunately none of those suits appear very 'tailored'... All are a few sizes too big; though that is the fashion these days. Will be interesting to see where this trend goes though.

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Baggy suits were fashionable at one point in time, many years ago, but a well-tailored suit will never go out of fashion, you can go anywhere in a smart suit.

Wear a 3 piece suit with an Hermes necktie, what could possibly go wrong.

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They spin the wheel and whatever slice the pointer points to, is the 'now' fashion. Yawn.

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Kim Jong Un is leading the way with his baggy suits. Fortunately I don't have to wear a suit to the office. I hate wearing a suit.

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The suit never went out of style.

Most of the Great Unwashed just never figured that a suit can be comfortable, good looking, and stylish as well.

Everyone in the know have been wearing suits all the time. Nothing like throwing $2000 at a well tailored suit.

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I like a nice suit. I don’t want to wear one everyday but it’s nice to get done up for events.

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I agree with all those who say these suits are too baggy. A nice, tailored, snug/slim fit always looks great on any man. When I'm on the train in Japan, I always find that at least 80% of suits are terrible. Men usually wear suits that are way too baggy. Japanese women are so much more tasteful in their sartorial choices.

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Bangkok's the place to buy a suit! $350 and you're sorted.

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Bangkok's the place to buy a suit! $350 and you're sorted.

Meh, I bought a couple of tailored suits in Thailand the first time I went. I spent a lot of time researching where to go, what to look for etc. In the end, the suits fit nice, but they were not long lasting. After a few years they started to fall apart a little.

My next suit I got tailor made in Japan. To be fair, I think I paid around 20,000 yen/suit when I got my Thai suits, and I paid about 85,000 yen for that suit in Japan, so the prices weren't comparable. But the Japan-made suit was of a different quality altogether. I actually still have it, though I don't wear it anymore.

I'll never go for cheap suits in 3rd world countries anymore. That said, the lessons learned in buying in Thailand led me to learn how to buy suits in Japan.

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My Bangkok tailor makes regular visits to Japan, where he has plenty of happy customers!

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Jeez- Its amazing what will pass for a suit these days... Those pics made me cringe.

Fortunately I don't have to wear a suit to the office.

Lucky you! I have to.

I hate wearing a suit.


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