Enjoy morning coffee at your barber in Japan


Twenty-eight barbershops in Japan have teamed up for “Barbers Project,” led by Takuya Yuino, to promote a new style of barber in Japan, which has been a recent global trend. Guests can enjoy a morning special called “Morning at Barber” consisting of shaving, hair-styling and coffee service.

Barbers with bar services, or barbers with sophisticated music, interior and fashion spirits have been a growing international trend, and can be found especially in cities such as New York, London or Berlin. These barbers are distinct from traditional old-fashioned barbershops and hair-salons, creating a unique space for fashionable male clienteles. Recruit Holdings has predicted that in 2017 , there will be an increase of barbershops with special features in Japan too, and is gaining attention today.


The 28 barbershops in Japan have united together to launch the “Barbers Project”, with a mission to invigorate these new types of barbers in Japan. Guest can enjoy coffee while they get groomed, just like enjoying a morning special at your favorite cafe.

“Morning at Barber” offers coffee, shaving and hair-styling with pomade for only 500 yen between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. The service is usually worth 4,000 yen to 5,000 yen. Barber Project introduces a new ritual that lets the guests start their day with the best looks and feel before they head to work for a busy day.

Yuino, the founder of the Barbers Project, says, “Our barbers are unique and special. We're like barbershops with modern and cool twists, so we want our guests to enjoy the special part of the experience, and not only the hair-cut. We also hope that our project can contribute to the local community by providing a space to make new connections.”

Barbers Project aims to make barbershops not only a destination for grooming, but a place to start off a day, a community where guests meet new people, or a special place that sparks a new chemical reaction.

The list of participating barbers and further details can be found here.

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Hipster culture with a Japanese twist?

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This has been very common at many barbers and hair salons. Some even give you a massage and/or a cigarette if you smoke.

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Not sure I'd want to drink or eat in a barbershop with all that hair flying around

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Just what I need, hair in my coffee. I can't even use my smart phone when getting a hair cut, let alone eat or drink. But at least QB house has vending machines outside, and I can enjoy a can of mystery coffee while waiting in line.

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Very good value. Father used to frequent Murdock, which is ten quid short of a facelift.....

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Barbershops are a fantastic experience and I'm glad it's a traditional men's hang out that has been coming back. And the haircuts are far better than what you'll get at a more expensive salon/hair dresser, and you get to know the staff and other clients. One of my few complaints about the US is there the barbershops will typically provide alcohol as well.

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Meant few positive views, not complaints. I have many complaints lol.

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Have to say never been into old school barber shops like these. Don't think I would enjoy being pampered by another bloke.

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Many female barbers out there and they do a great shop.

We were given coffee/tea, biscuits overseas in hair salons 40yrs ago.

Personally found the service good here(getting pampered) and the scalp and shoulder/scalp massage works(unless they pull the old massager out, sure it can be used for roadworks).

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Have to say never been into old school barber shops like these. Don't think I would enjoy being pampered by another bloke.

You should try it. One of my favorite experiences in Japan is going to the barber. I look forward to my twice-monthly cut (I'm actually going tomorrow morning).

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Problem is, it's still the same ugly mug staring back at me in the mirror, after all the fun....

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Went for a haircut last week and they handed me an ipad to use, a little weird I thought.

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