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Everyone has a home office now. So who's paying for it?

By Chris Taylor

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maybe there needs to more strict laws in place as to what companies should and shouldn't have to pay for. My biggest fear however is that it will hinder or hamper this marvelous trend of working from home.

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This website is called "Japan Today", but these stats don't seem to be Japanese, and the article also doesn't bother to tell us what country they're talking about (though I assume it's American?) This article doesn't seem to be aimed at most JT readers, who most likely reside in Japan, and are also likely not Americans.

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If there needs to be deeper digging, it's going to be one of your family member's payment.

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This article doesn't seem to be aimed at most JT readers

True, and the situation surely varies by country. In Japan, for example, it's fairly normal (or used to be) for companies to pay travel costs to work. If those are no longer paid when the worker is at home, then the worker stands to pay the additional costs of working at home. In countries where travel-to-work expenses are not generally paid, the costs of working at home are offset to some extent by savings in travel costs.

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