'Fat pride' challenges supersize stereotypes


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This is beyond beyond words I can use on this website... -_-;

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An unhealthy lifestyle is not something to be proud of.

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Ha! Too funny. I'm afraid, for me, they'll never convince me this is 'healthy' or even remotely 'sexy', no matter how hard they try. I've heard all kinds of excuses about why people get fat, but from what I've seen it is the result of eating waaaay too much and doing no exercise. Gluttony and laziness. I fully accept that there may be powerful underlying emotional issues at play to trigger those behaviours, but for me obesity is one of the biggest turn offs I can imagine. That may be very Shallow Hal of me, but it's just the way I see it.

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Any time you hear someone justify themselves using terms like "value-laden," and "reclaim" you know you're not dealing with a rational argument, but an emotional one. Forget science, this is about denial of reality and justification of unhealthy behavior.

The real low point of her argument is when Pause tries to equate weight discrimination to racial or sexual discrimination. Nobody chooses their sex or racial/cultural background. On the other hand, what you eat, and how much you move your body is a daily choice.

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"Cat Pause"...ridiculous. Fat is bad for you.

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Cat "paws" (phonetic) maybe means she's pussyfooting around the problem...

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I was a fatty and there was no excuse for it. The biggest put-off besides looks is that the mostly accurate perception that the obese person is lazy, complacent and unmotivated to take care of their body. That said, the taunts and insults in most cases do absolutely nothing, and are just as dangerous as this academic's misguided crusade.

In the Australian city of Melbourne, a synchronized swimming club for fat women has been set up called Aquaporko.

Just what extremely overweight people need: Token exercise classes in an environment that doesn't encourage you to reach an optimum healthy weight-range; but by its own name alone tells you it's okay to continue a lifestyle that is both a burden to yourself and society. Australian govt projections show that by 2030, that diabetes alone will consume the current national budget allotted for the entire health system.

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I couldn't look past this either: “It’s not illegal to discriminate against someone based on their size, whereas it’s illegal in most countries to discriminate based on someone’s sex or race, sexual orientation is becoming more protected too,” she said. “I’d like size to become a protected class.”

As the Sesame Street song goes: One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong!

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Come on, while a person doesn't need to be abused for being fat, being fat is not exactly something to be proud of...

If you actually want to be proud of yourself, then eat healthy and exercise a lot. Now that is something that you can truly be proud of.

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The food this person consumes would probably feed 100 starving African kids for a week. Just don't get near me. And no I would never hire you. And yes, because you are obese (fat), i.e., a heart attack waiting to happen. Why are there no obest elderly people? The obese are dead by 45. You have about 5 more years.

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Maybe whoever gave Thomas Anderson a thumbs down, would like to offer their opinion on why they think he's wrong. Unfortunately Gokai, obesity amongst the elderly is a growing problem and adding a considerable burden to health systems world-wide; Money that could be better spend on life-saving medical research and on treating people who have disabilities and diseases through no fault of their own. This obesity epidemic- and it is an epidemic; threatens to blow out health care costs world-wide, and divert massive amounts to a 'growing' section of society that simply cannot deny itself- while selfishly asserting that it must be respected and crying discrimination for not being responsible for their own well-being.

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So when people look at a fat body like mine, it tells them I’m unhealthy and that this is a diseased body. It tells them I don’t ever exercise and eat nothing but junk.”

And thinking this is wrong because? Science have proven that this is the case. I wish fat people had to pay more for their health care. This women has pride in being a fat? Why? Anyone could be fat if they wanted to. Thing is, most people have the sense not to want to be unhealthy, have a shorter lifespan and well, look like her.

And curvy is NOT the same as face. Kim K is curvy. This women is just gross.

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Moderate obesity reduces life expectancy:

I'm sure that there ARE some "big" people who are very healthy, but overall, I haven't seen any large studies (giggle) that indicate anything other than the conclusion of the study above.

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Fat studies.

You just know this heffer is a "progressive."

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Good luck Cat ! Whatever mistakes in their past, the fact is most fat people can't reverse the process, or only very partially, so their best option is to live with it.

“I’d like size to become a protected class.”

I'd prefer laws addressing all types of non respect of people's dignity.

It tells them I don’t ever exercise and eat nothing but junk.” And thinking this is wrong because? Science have proven that this is the case.

There is a jerk science ? The sumo wrestlers "don't ever exercise and eat nothing but junk" ?

as obese, still running about 60 kilometers a week

You weight what 50 kg all wet for the ladies and 70 for the gentlemen ? Can you run 10 km a day carrying a belt and weight anklets weighting 25 kg for mrs and 35 kg for mr ? That would be easier. Maybe, tie the anklets a little more to add the blood pressure issue.

Kim K is curvy. This women is just gross.

Kim K is my idea of gross, and she's even pushed the limits of grotesque. Watching stupid TV makes people fat, it's proven. I am all for encouraging people to have a healthy life style, I am not a "fat admirer" and I find the terms "fat pride" and "fat studies" a bit kitsch, and not all her statements are true, but well for Anglosaxon countries that's the average intellectual level and she tries to reach the crowds. She doesn't need to bring more water to the "obesity epidemic" mill, as you guys do it all the time.STILL I'm disgusted by the jerk attitudes toward fat people.

“I barely go through a day where I’m not called something nasty on the street by a stranger,” she said.

Just don't get near me.

Who are those "strangers" ? Who do they think they are ?

eat healthy and exercise a lot.

Oh yeah ? These days, people even feel free to insult champions. Ask Rebecca Adlington. Is there any chance this lady is a couch potato addicted to junk food ? But, may I ask ? Do you have a gold medal in something ?

treating people who have disabilities and diseases through no fault of their own.

So let's clarify. The idea is : Why the waste of money on STD (only those that sleep around get that), birth control, lung cancer (shouldn't have smoked), throat cancer (shouldn't have drunk), skin cancer (they should have stayed out of the sun), diabetes, surgery and treatment for sports injury (they should have exercised safely), car accidents (they should have taken the bus), war injuries (should make the peace), etc ? Oki, I see. I guess it will be right for you if the rest of humanity drops you the day you start suffering from one of your mistakes, and you will be glad just get insults from those strangers in the street..

This poster is point on :

Moderate obesity reduces life expectancy:

Yes. And so does being born in the US. Should she be ashamed of being American ? And there are no other things that reduce life span ? Who is perfect ? Who can throw the stones ?

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More cushion for the pushin'.

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Cos, you can be disgusted by Kim k - lord knows I am - but this woman disgusts me more. Fat pride?! Really?! An unbeatably lifestyle? One that lowers lie Diana?! Not to mention one that costs taxpayers more?!

And fa people CAN reverse the process. If they stop pigging out and watch that food intake and exercise. Not rocket science.

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God I hate auto correction.

One that lowers ore expectancy. This woman is a heifer who will due an early life. As the Japanese say, shoganai. It certainly didn't have to be this way but she's clearly not helping herself.

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It's simple. People want to make any kind of excuse to justify either bad behavior or in this case, bad and unhealthy lifestyle. Most people, not all, I have an Aunt who has a thyroid problem and was always big since she was 8 years old and nothing she did helped and she didn't eat a lot, so for some people they just can't help it. On the other hand, the majority of people are either lazy or make the wrong choices in their eating habits. Being proud is one thing, but in this case, I think it boils down to laziness. You don't want to eat right or work out, why put in the effort? Takes too much time. Just accept yourself as you are and if no one will love you, love yourself and take pride and this kind of attitude tells other large people that it's to be overweight. The woman actually has a cute face, imagine if she slimmed down. That's the sad thing about all of this. Look at the singer Jennifer Hudson, she was a quite big when she was on American Idol and now she slimmed down, woman looks fabulous. So there is no reason or excuse (unless it's medical related) to live like this or wanting to live like this.

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This is amazing. A few years ago a New Zealand writer wrote a satirical book called "Degrees for All" about a fictional university that began to offer a fat studies course (known as "Rubenesque Studies" ). And now it's really happening, and of course at Massey University, a.k.a. the University of Political Correctness.

This Cat Pause person is celebrating her own weakness and attempting to lock others into the same downward spiral of bad health, low self-esteem and early death. That's a crime.

Fatness is a vicious cycle in which negative feelings create voids that only food can fill. It's a disease that spreads from parents to children. Fat people need help and encouragement to break out of that cycle, not encouragement to sink deeper into it. Going from fat to fit is hard, but it's not as hard as a lifetime of misery lugging around 50kg of deadweight. It's a matter of life and death.

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Look at the singer Jennifer Hudson, she was a quite big when she was on American Idol and now she slimmed down, woman looks fabulous.

She also had her stomach stapled and didn't lose the weight in a good way. She denies it but rather well known this is how she's gone from huge to slim.

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We are hard-wired to be attracted to certain proportions.

And yet the proponents of "Fat Studies", like the clowns who fill classrooms devoted to "Peace Studies" or "Gender Studies" or who specialize in any of the post-modernist happy horse sh*t young Americans go 40 or 50 gand in debt for these days, can almost always be observed in arguments about climate change loudly denouncing others for denying the validity of science or being anti-science.

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Too fat.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

value-laden labels such as “overweight” or “obese”.

I don't believe the Doctor is using these 'value-laden' labels to make fun of you dear, he's trying to help.

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When I'm in the US, the contrast between people size here and there is always stricking. It looks like the US is being fattened up for the kill. Anyway, it is the same way religion works. If you are poor, make poverty a great virtue.

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Pause said there were laws against racism and sexism but discrimination against fat people was just as commonplace and was not just tolerated but, in a sense promoted, by governments running anti-obesity campaigns.

She didn't say how much the Governments pay to provide additional healthcare to the same fat people.

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Thumbs down for stating facts? Guess the fatties on JT....

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If LGBTs can have a Pride parade, fat people most definitely should be able to as well. Let them have their cake and eat it too! Unlike LGBTs, some fat people really don't have a choice.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

If LGBTs can have a Pride parade, fat people most definitely should be able to as well. Let them have their cake and eat it too! Unlike LGBTs, some fat people really don't have a choice.

You can't change your sexuality for the most part.

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kudos! I love this.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Yes, I think it's important to be able to control your weight, but she's right about people's attitudes - people reserve a special kind of venom for fat people. The comments here prove it. You can't say she's being unscientific and emotional while calling her a cow or gross in the same breath.

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But we can call her unhealthy and gross in the same breath.

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Interesting how people here will thumb down any comment that's perceived to be intolerant towards LGBTs, who put things into places they aren't supposed to go and parade around in unsightly manner, yet obviously despise people who are fat, which is much more natural.

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Bunch of hypocrites.

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Get out of the dark ages. People cant choose their sexuality but they can choose what they eat and how much exercise they do or dont do.

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And for those people with genuine metabolic problems? Thyroid issues? Not their fault that they are fat. For some, much like homosexuality, there is an underlying psychological problem causing their eating habits. The same arguments you people use to defend LGBT lifestyle choices are the very same arguments that can be used to argue that fat people sometimes don't have a choice. So before preaching about tolerance, make sure you yourself are tolerant. Fat people have the right to be happy with themselves just like everybody else.

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Every fatties blames a thyroid problem rather than the food to mouth ratio. Gays and lesbians don't chose to be gay. Many fat people DO however make choices that makes them fat. Get it?

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I think your prejudice is blurring your thinking. It has never been illegal to be fat and people were not persecuted for being so.

Gays do not make a lifestyle choice re their sexuality, this is 2012 not 1012.

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people reserve a special kind of venom for fat people

But I can tell you from personal experience, that nothing compares to the venom that fat people direct toward themselves. Self-loathing is a symptom of the disease. And as Homer Simpson once said, the only one who can truly understand and help is Mr. Refrigerator.

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Well, you're free to disagree with me. Can't force you to be right. All I'm saying is lay off the fat people, just like how you want people to accept the LGBT lifestyle and their choices. They all have their own issues and insecurities to deal with. And about it being 2012, yes, I'm aware of the year. Thank you. Doesn't change the fact that men are still born men and women are still born women, and both will live and die as men and women, no matter how much they do to their body or personality. You can't change genetics, and we haven't evolved into androgynous sex-selective hermaphrodites, yet. But hey, if / when that day comes, feel free to let me know.

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men are still born men and women are still born women, and both will live and die as men and women, no matter how much they do to their body or personality.

You're completely ignoring thirty years' worth of research into this topic. Some "men" are born mentally female, and vice versa. It's a consequence of chemical reactions in the womb. Fatness is a consequence of poor diet, which is usually a consequence of poor upbringing.

I wouldn't condemn the LBGT folk or the overweight for a moment.

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Kim K is curvy. This women is just gross

I don't know. She's kind of attractive.

If she could just lose a couple of pounds.... :)

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I don't believe that thyroids or "hormones" can be used as an excuse for being overweight. I understand that changes in thyroid activity can affect the metabolism, meaning that it may become easier to gain weight, but this can be countered by reducing calorie intake. Only if you refuse to change your diet will you become fat.

You won't find many fat Africans in Africa, but go to Atlanta and there are plenty. The difference is the people in Africa cannot stuff themselves with burgers, pizzas and sugary drinks, hence they are slim.

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Being fat makes you have less energy and therefore more lazy.

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Being fat makes you have less energy and therefore more lazy

I remember seeing a video of people of varied sizes and builds playing tennis. Some of the more overweight players were amazingly skilful, just because they were too heavy (or lazy) to move very much. They had to use their elbows and wrists much more cleverly than their slimmer opponents. .

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Being fat makes you have less energy and therefore more lazy.

Sorry to rain on your parade but not all fat people are lazy and not all fat people are fat because they are lazy. Just like not all slim people are energetic hard workers. Just a bit to much stereotyping and generalisation there im afraid.

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Being fat makes you have less energy and therefore more lazy.

Right. Just like Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Ben Franklin and Nikita Kruschev. They were all notoriously fat, lazy under-achievers.

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