Faux flowers and plants can liven up home


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liven up home

When I saw the photo, I believed that was a cemetery.

“The technology has come a long way. They look so real now it’s hard to tell,”

I agree they do nice things and it's nice to decorate a business. That has not the least interest in my place, I keep indoor greens to freshen the air.

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Eh, so where do I BUY these fake plants? I'm actually looking for something to brighten the end of my rather dismal hallway.......

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@Ranger Miffy - get a nice uplight or lamp for the end of your hallway , and hang a picture, printing, tapestry, poster or print on the wall above it. Subtle lighting on a fine piece of art is much better, classier and more interesting than a dust-collector like fake flowers.

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Plastic flowers? Did they not go out with brown nylon flares?

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Maria, Sorry, I was unclear. This is the public hallway at the end of the apartment corridor. There is a concrete balcony outside for utility access. A nice plant there would be uplifting, although I do like your idea for decorating it. :-)

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Eh, so where do I BUY these fake plants?

In shops. I see some everywhere from 100 yen shops to ritzy zakka boutiques.

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I'm a fan of faux. My garden always looks bright and colourful because I sneak out at night and stick in a dazzling display of plastic or satin imitation flowers. Just to make them look authentic, I drag out the hose and water them on saturdays dressed in my disco gear and elvis glasses when my nosey neighbour is out trying to resuscitate her ratty flower bed. This stresses her no end. Lucky she needs glasses. I have faux stones around the borders of my garden, faux elf statues and if my love life is found wanting, I even have a faux girlfriend safely tucked away in the bedroom closet where she will never get to meet my mistress who is safely tucked away in the guest room closet.

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