Flat-packed cities: Wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns

By Rina Chandran

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Although it's better than concrete, I wouldn't really describe their properties as an "advantage," just slightly less of a burden. Once wood and bamboo start becoming used in greater quantities, I'm sure it will result in other negative effects on the environment. Urbanization and environmental conservation are not really compatible.

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Timber and bamboo buildings won't contribute to the heat islands in cities, unlike concrete and glass that rack up the temperature.

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Interesting. I like it.

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I am amazed at the genius of those with high IQ status. Wish I was part of the team. Actually I am, but do not brag. Goemen ne

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"The city, which creates about 600,000 square meters of new buildings each year, has the opportunity to store the equivalent of 30,000-200,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year if all new buildings were made of wood, said Buchanan."

Actually, no. Once felled, the ability of the trees to fix carbon is, of course, gone. If not felled for building material or any other use, these trees would store even more carbon over time. The advantage as a building material is that trees and bamboo can be replanted. However, it takes decades before any tree is very useful as a store of carbon or as building material.

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I just pictured myself lounging about in the penthouse apartment of a high rise wooden building when a smoker on the first floor set the building aflame. It was not a pleasant picture.

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