Mother develops underwear to help girls' transition to puberty

By Megumi Yamaguchi

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„tuck her napkins away so that they aren't noticeable" 

Because japan is filled with people who have x-ray eyes. I have never heard about sanitary pads being visible through clothes

With this mindset it’s no wonder girls are still ashamed of their menstruation. This taboo needs to go.

If I had to chose I would rather use sanitary pads instead of wearing a blood soaked panty the whole day. If the pad is full you remove it and use a new one.

What are you doing if you have school + club activities til 5 or 6 pm and you are not able to change your underwear until you get home. Doesn’t sound so comfortable if you ask me.

And where do you put the used one ? I don’t think many girls are enthusiastic about the idea carrying used underwear in their school bag . Even if you put it in a zip log bag.

I can imagine the panties start smelling quickly during the hot and humid Japanese summer.

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I love these kinds of articles.

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Why not ?

And why dark pants would be prohibited ? That is a shame not to remove such brainless rule.

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Excellent work!

Next challenge, take on schools that prohibit girls from wearing whatever colour of underwear they please.

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Remembering that time, can understand the problem. It is not like in Japan, students change class all the time or can put make up on. Thus making them having to carry the stuff the need to the toilet without easy hiding. Some young are not so tasteful so one seeing a girl going around carrying a pad could just utter it out loud. I remember at my time the trend about was about saying lady having their period being in a bad mood.

It is good to widen choice of products, this way girl and lady have choice depending of what they feel comfortable with.

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Nornally, this is a months'-long process...

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Excellent work!

Next challenge, take on schools that prohibit girls from wearing whatever colour of underwear they please.

Err, what? I thought Japanese schools already regulate uniform black, long underwear, at least up to high school. What am I missing?

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