Shonan: The birthplace of Japan's modern surf culture

By Jack Tarrant and Yoko Kono

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Ah, good old Shonan. The beaches near Enoshima are great spots to chill out and spend time at during the summer. I especially like all the beach huts they set up, serving food and drinks.

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Good place for beginners to try foam longboards. Better still head to Onjuku where the water is cleaner.

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Tenji Oda owns Coast Line. He is a friend and I am a member. Great place to hang and chill when no waves. Super crowded out there though so I prefer to bodyboard as during the summer all the surfers are jammed into a small area near the Surfer Pavilion which has good showers buy the way. See you in the surf. Got swell now due to this taifu.

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yes Reckless, Onjuku is the spot. where, as it happens, an experienced American surfer was telling me yesterday he wasn't expecting much from the Olympic surfing, reason being, OS pro surfers are used to riding big waves, whereas the surf at Ichinomiya is seldom above hip height, which suits Japanese surfers because that's what they're used to. he therefore expects J-surfers to score medals.

he also opined that the 16-day waiting period, festival, and general palaver will be problematic due to lousy access, no facilities, lodging, and etc.....

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