'Right to disconnect' presents challenges in work-driven Japan


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The best way to sort this matter out, is if at anytime during your vacation, you are requested to react to a work related matter, then your entire holiday is reset to the beginning from the point when you finish responding.

Any voters on that one ?

0 ( +0 / -0 ) an age when technology is blurring the boundaries between personal and professional lives.

Not in my lfe. Taking regular hard earned time off a no-brainer and that remains crystal clear.

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In many countries, when you take an extended break, a suitably qualified deputy or junior fills in for you, is granted similar approval and supervisory powers to you, but not extending to strategic decisions. It gives them good experience of being in a senior position, albeit for a short-time, and assists them when it is their turn to seek for a senior position. There is no fear of them taking over your job, or you losing it.

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Japan are probably the worlds leaders in being controlled by their phones. AI will takeover and Japan will be the first country to go

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its staff of about 140 have been encouraged to take a nine-day vacation at least once a year,

Yeah including 2 x weekends no doubt! It's a good start by them but why not just tell employees to take a 2 week holiday? Employees will actually get to relax then!

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Everyone needs time off from work. By law companies need to pay for the time the employees do work for them, Japanese workers are so short-changed

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Work hard play hard, even if its not the norm now, nothing's stopping you from changing.

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A day off is a private relaxation.

Never ever pick up, text, call back or any work related on your day off where you have already set your mind off to relax mood.

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