Ssssh: As cities surge, some seek a new aim - peace and quiet

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By Carey L Biron and Adela Suliman

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I'm one of the lucky ones it seems.

Many aspects of my city are already slow.

The drivers in the main are slow, epitomized by the ambulances which make slow look slow.

Getting official things done in the City Hall is slow, as is the mobile fone shop or the police station or the bank or any govt office or........!

The people walk slow (though aging may compound this), but strangely enough many bicycles are not slow!

But I'm not complaining - well the drivers - as the pace suits me and the things that are fast, enhance life a little like prompt deliveries, quick meal service and express trains.

The noise also generally takes on the hum of the slow life, but unfortunately that calm can be broken by hte sudden urge of city officials, community leaders and self appointed volunteer spokespersons to blast out important-not, news announcements - like please remember to seperate your garbage properly - at 100 decibels.

But I wouldn't give up my slow city for the slave cities - well not now that active life means cutting the hedge and sipping wine - often in tandem.

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