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Tokyo seems best place to meet, but high in singles rate


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It is very easy to meet women in Tokyo at bars, events, work, etc. However, if there is no will to marry then most relationships peter out soon. I feel sorry for women who delay marriage into the late thirties as they do not realize how far their value falls... sad.

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Tokyo is a great place to be if you're still single into your 30s or 40s because it's still very much possible to find an attractive partner who isn't married/hasn't been married before and doesn't have kids.

Try being single in your mid 30's+ in a lot of other cities around the world and it can be challenging to even just make friends your same age who are single or don't have kids, and the dating scene can be even harder if you're looking for a reasonably attractive partner.

The biggest challenge in Tokyo's dating scene is finding a partner whose lifestyle matches yours. And also, some people really want to rush into marriage while others won't consider it until after 5-10 years of dating.

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Expect the same of yrself as U expect from the female partner of yr life time. Women of yr mother's generation do not exist anymore. Stop doing nothing and play yr role as a partner.

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I don't think that we have to marry a certain partner, and also think that just a sheet of a report of marriage can even be a burden to us. If you are fallen in love with someone, all you need to do is just to love him/her, no more and no less. I think that you don't have to afraid of breakeup due to a long-destance relationship if you and your partner love each other.The word of "marriage" could be an obstacle for real love you pursue. We have to find out such partner, don't you think?

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@Poor English Speaker "If you are fallen in love with someone, all you need to do is just to love him/her, no more and no less."

Love lasts biochemically speaking 2 years max. After that you better have some common interests.

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Plenty of available good looking women in Japan as long as you are not shooting for a star like Haruka Ayase or Aragaki. I am sure there are upcoming younger stars too. I admit looks are important to me but a woman's heart good heart is more important in the long run. I have passed over some good hearted women (I think) and sometimes wonder if I made a mistake. Doesn't matter now really. Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't say hang on to the first woman you think is good hearted but definitely maintain a friendship if she is willing. In short, don't pass up the average looking good hearted girl for a hot self-centered one. Keep some logic in your "the one" equation.

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