Flea market bargains provide cheer amid Japan's economic gloom

By Thomas Wilson

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I never buy stuff to feel good. That is absurd!

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How about providing the DATES of the flea market this year and January?

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JapanGal, that's why most people go shopping, all around the world. Buying something does make people feel good, for a day or so. Not a lasting cure, but if it's at a flea market it's probably cheap and there's little harm in it. People are materialistic by nature, some more than others.

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Actually it's not just this flea market, there seems to be a welcome swing away from department stores and supermarkets toward local markets selling local produce. The farmer's markets in Okinawa are doing brisk business. The beer festival in Kokusai dori was packed, as were several other events and fairs this summer and autumn.

There is much more opportunity for communication in a market than a cold, clinical department store or supermarket. And the goods are cheaper and the local produce is much better quality.

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Ranger_Miffy2: The market is held on the 15th and 16th of December and January each year (regardless of what days those dates fall on). See:

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I used to go to this market every year!! I miss it! Little obsachans were ruthless to elbow you and not key you in! Lol! I haven't been able to go now for over 15 years due to work!!

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Thank you, PSandoz-san! Will wear my iron corset to avoid those obasan elbows.

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