Foreigners flock to ancient Thai tattoo masters


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An observation.

The whole explosion of tattoos in the 20/30 somethings bewilders me, I've gotta say. Tattoos USED to be radical. They were much rarer on people and were usually sported by characters who were outside the mainstream in some way. They were a bit badass.

Now, they seem like the ultimate act of conformity, because they are....fashionable. They've become trendy and hip, and in the great pursuit of wanting to express their individuality, a generation of people now all look pretty much the same. Lemming Ink - a delicious irony. Be they Khmer tats. or Irezumi, or whatever, they are starting to get pretty passé. It's now more radical for kids of that generation to not have tats.

I kind of suspect that there will be more than a few seeking tattoo removal treatment in 20 years when looking cool matters far less.

In saying that, I do like certain tattoos. I can appreciate the art of them. I just think plastering your whole body with them is a little....shortsighted.

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They are just another cry for attention, like social media, selfies, etc. from the neediest generation yet.

Nothing says white-trash like a tattoo

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“When I see at my tattoos, it helps me and I think back to what my ajarn told me,” said Logan, an American living in Thailand. “I’ve finally found a perfect ajarn for me. He is really a big brother, he is like a mentor.”

I wonder if there is a substance other than ink involved here?

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Tattoos! Ha lol! Yeah, you keep doing that hahaha!

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I'm surprised they didn't mention anything about hygiene concerns. Traditional tattoo artists aren't always big on sterilizing their instruments and I doubt they have an autoclave.

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I wouldn't get one of these tattoos myself, as they aren't my style. But I enjoy looking at them on Thai people, they can look quote cool.

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