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Foreigners in China squeezed by pensions, taxes


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This is a good article. China seems to be digging their own grave.

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This is a reason China won't be a leader in any international free market organizations. East Asia Free Trade........ forgeddaboutit!

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Actually - for the smaller companies, such as international schools - they'll just find the simple route around the law - they'll fire most of their full time staff, then hire them back as independent "contractors" with one-year contracts. The visa issues will be more complicated - but there's always a solution to a problem.

This will resolve the tax issue - albeit at the expense of no benefits for foreign contractors - which will drive up prices. The alternative is to raise prices to compensate for the tax increases. Same problem we face in the USA (except for the visa issue). So you see - no matter WHERE the government decides to place the tax - it ALWAYS comes back to bite the public.

I've shopped at Walmart in China - they sell expired meats (one month old or longer) and use fraudulent packaging ploys to increase profits - example we bought a package of instant noodles - upon opening the package the "noodles inside were HALF the size that were normally packaged inside. Don't know if this is a Walmart issue or just a corrupt buyer embezzling money through kickbacks - but it's widespread - so that makes seem more like a Walmart fraudulent practices play until the government catches them and fines them yet again.

As for taxes on the auto industries - ALL high-tech and foreign investment firms enjoyed roughly a decade of preferential taxes - with a limit so all this whining about taxes is cow manure. They knew it was coming - just your typical winging and whining because they have to pay taxes just like everyone else.

In China - there is only ONE income tax for employees. Companies are burdened with the bulk of taxes and social benefits for their employees and truthfully, I prefer this system as no normal human being can actually fill out a US tax return. The US gov uses the complexity of the IRS rules and regulations to fraudulently steal billions (perhaps trillions) from it's not so sophisticated taxpayers - while mega corporations (e.g. Bank of America 2010) pay ZERO taxes - I'd call that akin to rape and sodomy.

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Thus be the wages of companies doing business in China! Wish they all lose their investments.

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Darren Brannan, if I work in America get to pay US taxes. Pay their social security but never get a pension since I am not or ever will be a citizen. Life is just not fair :( This is happening all over the world so get over it.

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