Free flow of racy content a headache for parents

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It’s a conundrum,” says Kirsten Bischoff, a co-founder of, an online social network for families. She recalls wincing last year as her then 13-year-old daughter sang “Whistle” by rapper Flo Rida. The girls had no idea the song was about fellatio.

Stupid observation.

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If she thinks that's bad she should watch Channel 4 in the UK any evening after 9 o'Clock. The swearing? Ooh missus... Fs and Cs, and bar stewards everywhere.

Here in the UK we have our lovely chinless wonder Dave Cameron ordering ISPs to install filters so that people have to opt-in to view adult material, to protect the children. I can see parents wanting the likes of You Tube treated the same way with racy videos. Maybe we'll return to the days when a glimpse of an ankle would send moustaches trembling and old maids flying into a tizzy.

Whatever happened to parental control?

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Just had a quick look. The music is dreadful rubbish and the girls all had tops on, or were covered with something else. You can't really call it "topless" as there were no nipples in sight. Mind you, the US is quite prudish and many people have fits at the mere suggestion of a bare breast. It's still not "topless" though.

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Those who question any kind of content risk being called a prude, or a censor. That’s partly because history has shown that efforts to curb allegedly “indecent” content can look misguided in hindsight...

This is very sad, but true. I've heard people call mothers "overprotective" and "overbearing" when seeing their attempts to have their child not become a mindless media idiot as they sing out disgusting phrases they really shouldn't know (isn't that the role of a mother, anyway? To make one's kid the "best human they could be"...?). The difference between flappers, Elvis, and the singers of today is the lyrics that are heard on inescapably on every radio station one turns to. There's a difference between "artful dancing" and "hot b****s" trotting around like idiots for the sake of helping some guy make a lot of moneymoneymoney for a song with no substance, just a beat that makes your head bob. People will always challenge the bounds in which their society has marked "inappropriate" or "taboo," but when it's impossible to - God forbid - try and not completely expose that kind of thing to your children at a young age, I think that's a bit of a problem. You can parent block television, but not the radio!

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Thicke by name, Thicke by nature.

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