French city rekindles burkini row with pool rule change


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There's nothing wrong with it. Here in Japan, even someone sporting a shaved head during summer is required to wear a swimming cap!!! Even without hair on my head!!!

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There's nothing wrong with it. Here in Japan, even someone sporting a shaved head during summer is required to wear a swimming cap!!! Even without hair on my head!!!

It happened to my bald friend too. However, we weren't asked to cover up our armpits.

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These women should be allowed to practice their faith as they choose,how can they offend others,when French ladies are butt naked on the French Riveria

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Looks like the great replacement is going well

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If you close your eyes to throw the cat among the pigeons, don't expect a bright future.

France is a heaven for sharing ideas precisely because we don't want zealots to promote religious ideas to become the norm sooner or later.

If you know your history, religion mixed to politics leads to (very) bad outcomes. Just watch Lebanon by the way.

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If there were a movement to force everyone to wear a burkini or a bikini or a budgie-smuggler, I would be against it. If anyone chooses of their own free will to wear a burkini or a bikini or a budgie-smuggler, it’s surely no one else’s business. (Though personally I’d prefer not to have to look at budgie-smugglers.)

When I swim outdoors in Japan I make sure I’m covered neck-to-toe, because I burn very very easily. It’s virtually a burkini, without the head covering. A ban on my choice of swimwear would effectively ban me from the beach, for no reason than what might or might not please some stranger’s eyes.

If people want to cover up when they swim, for whatever reason, then the rest of the work should just butt out.

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Yrral and cleo

Agree with U both 100%

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What is wrong with these people, no, seriously, something is wrong with them. There is nothing offensive about a burkini, Muslim women have the right to wear what they want. In fact I find them more agreeable than the skimpy bikini's so many other women wear, which do border on offensive. And the people who are griping about burkini's should wake up and get a life.

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Sure, the French state is somehow upholding its traditional ideals of liberty, equality and freedom by denying all three to some of its own citizens. The burkini bans are just an attempt to punish Muslim women for being what they are, and those French councils who ignore it are upholding traditional French ideals far more faithfully than the Le Pen types slavering for this kind of discrimination.

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Just say you're snorkelling. It'll shut them up. People need to mind their own business.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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This is very interesting,since,in most French piscines,men are required to wear trunks rather than shorts.

I managed to trick my father-in-law into sporting banana hammocks at a pool in the UK,whilst we bought said same grapeslingers,and joined him.

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Can't people just wear whatever they want without other people imposing their values on them?

Why can't we live in a world where we don't tell others how to live their lives?

Why, in short, do humans insist on being dicks to each other?

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I think those burkinis look actually very pleasant, a lot nicer to look at than a hairy fat guy in budgie-smugglers as Cleo so aptly put it. Those ladies also avoid skin cancer which is another reason why some more covering while swimming is a good idea. While snorkelling I always wear a t-shirt and shorts because sun burn comes quicker than you expect.

I don't understand why to make it an issue at all. One poster at a German news site complained sweaty burkinis were "unhygienic" but I doubt the ladies wearing them would get sweaty lying in the sun to get a tan.

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In my book only skimpy bikinis or totally nude swimming should be allowed.

Everything else, total ban.

That's what I would do if I was a dictator.

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So you can worship freely but not choose your own swimwear? Do they realise how weird that is?

Many women may feel more comfortable in a burkini if they have body image issues. And yet here we have men telling women what to wear in the pool. Is it 2022 or 1972?

I'm an atheist, yet I fully support the right for Islamic women to wear a burkini. Because I'm not pathetically insecure.

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If you look back at Victorian beach photos everyone is wearing what looks like an all-in-one-piece swimwear, even the guys. Of course, Victorian were prudes, but this outfit has been around since swimming became fashionable, so what gives

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I agree with jadefeldtophelia’s comment. As he said that

there is nothing offensive about a burkini,

so there is no need to regulate. Because it doesn’t hurt.

I don’t know what to do that, but it’s outdated in a world of globalization.

In a globalized world, everything is diversity and should be tolerated.

In other words, you should be free to choose between burkini and others like bikini with lots of exposure. However, it is important here that no one should complain or make discriminatory remarks, even if the background is one of opposing religions and histories. Even for those who wear burkini. Everyone needs to be free and tolerant of it.

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