From gray to green: World cities uprooting the urban jungle


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Encouraging but really just a drop in the bucket.

When you address the massive factories powering industrialization and how to make them significantly greener we'll be getting somewhere.

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this is going to necessary as metropolises converge into megalopolises. Already in several Canadian cities billboards are made of shrubbery and flowers. And it's planted sporadically too. When I first visited Toronto I took a picture of such a formation (a happy face) just outside the Ontario Parliament. After I got my pictures back, I noticed that closeby was a garter snake!

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'Go for green, make our cities green'.

Singapore Green Architect of the Year 2016 Mr. S H Tan strongly advocates.

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A cut in global population would help too.

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Meanwhile in Japan the cities remain fully committed to removing every remaining bit of green and achieving 100% grey concrete and asphalt coverage.

As someone who really likes trees, reading articles about how nice cities in other countries are getting while just this morning I watched city workers cutting down trees in my local parkis just depressing.

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After all that building craze in the 20th century people are beginning to realize that back to basics is the best path ahead.

Nature was and always will be ahead of us, we just need to stop abusing it, learn from it, and respect it.

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Depending on one's perspective, say from the point of view of the 'ecosphere', that is, the collective, interactive Life extant at any given time, a Human 'city' is little but a fulminant (in geological time) and poisonous SCAR upon its body. We, of course, view it a bit differently, but other perspectives are ALWAYS good to consider...

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