Gardening trends for 2020? Think unconventional, sustainable


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I have yet to see a gardener in these parts interested in re-wilding or providing for wildlife, and bok choi, mizuna and komatsuna are staples, not ‘novel’ by any stretch of the imagination.

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American article. I am turning my garden into a meadow of wild flowers to increase the flowers and wildlife. Butterflies, frogs, birds, bees. But having a problem finding the seeds I want. Tried to import but that was a failure.

In our new location after the rice is harvested new other crops are panted like broccoli and cabbage. Some sow flowers which are turned into the soil come spring.

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Reminds me of when we moved to our current house years ago and a dear friend brought a planter full of "sour sobs" - (japanese - okibanakatabami).

The vivid yellow petals and green leaves and stems are truly pretty. But growing up in Australia they are 100% a weed - an invasive species that when eaten in large quantities by stock, esp sheep, they often die. Also they are difficult to control and spread over 1,000s of hectares.

I thanked my friend and told my wife my father would think I'm crazy with a pot plant of sour sobs. I kept them for a few years and they did spread here and there around the garden but nothing outrageous. I think the climate here keeps them under control.

I'm all for low maintenance, low requirement gardens that are friendly to critters esp song birds.

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interesting article. I wish they included air-cleaning plants

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