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Golden oldies: Retro video game fans flock to Tokyo


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Space Invaders. That was where it was at.

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I love that store. Happy to see it getting some coverage here. If you like video games, that place is heaven.

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Yeah, does bring back some awesome memories of the good ol' days. Even so, the gaming industry's achievements today are pretty astonishing and overall I'd much prefer what's on offer today

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Retro gaming is nothing new.

Super Potato has been around for many years. It's a subject of interest to me but I don't get why the article is framing it as some kind of recent phenomenon. Even the trend of companies such as Nintendo, Sony, etc. re-releasing old titles and providing backwards compatibility is not a new development.

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I miss a lot of the old Atari and Commodore 64 games. Some I have on my computer, though I rarely have time to play, and a few I've gathered on my cell phone over the years. But many are still unavailable or are not free (I don't mind paying a BIT if it's a game I loved as a kid), though, and some you can't find. I also miss some of the old Sega Master System games like Alex Kid: Miracle World and Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

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35 year-old Matt reckons that games started becoming popular when he 10.

That is a bit like me saying that girls started becoming attractive when I was about 13!

Games were popular before 1990, Matt.

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What in the heck is Super Mario 3: Mario Forever???

They made that up.

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