Got a bucket? Speed up the composting process with bokashi


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That's very good news about bokashi for home users! I learned about bokashi in Brazil, it was adopted by agricultural social projects in an Guarani Mbyá indian tribe by an idealistic agronomist that wanted to avoid chemicals in an environmental protected region in Sao Paulo. Bokashi for home gardening is really good! Where to buy it?

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I wouldn't recommend composting indoors. Guaranteed you will get flies in it laying eggs and it will start to smell quite bad if you just keep adding green wet items. The ratio of dry to wet can be difficult to maintain. However, there are beneficial flies such as black soldier fly if you are lucky enough to get them though but their larvae are huge and will put most people off. I've never used Bokashi but it probably isn't cheap to buy (composting should cost nothing).

I built a composter in my garden from one of those blue barrels that usually holds animal feed. From that compost I've grown figs, grapes and blackberries. When I see other households throw away food scraps, it makes me sad that they could be reducing the amount of garbage they throw away while growing some amazing plants.

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Where to buy it?


400 yen

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This is the kit pictured in the article. It’s a 2-pack so I will keep one for myself and one to give as a gift.

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