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Harajuku Station’s beautiful old wooden building set to return, with new complex around it

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

It was a sad day back in March 2020 when Harajuku Station’s iconic building was dismantled and taken away, replaced with a larger and more modern complex that may have been more amenable to the growing crowds that led to its dismantlement but has far less charm than the original 1924 building, which was the oldest wooden station building in Tokyo.

▼ The old structure had beautiful design features, including half-timbered construction, a spire, and a wooden signboard that read “原宿駅” (“Harajuku Station”).


It was yet another case of the new replacing the old in Tokyo, but now East Japan Railway Company (JR east) has made the exciting announcement that the original station building will be returning as part of a new development project. The company says that because it had stored the materials from the old building after it errepiece for a new commercial facility on the north side of the new station.

▼ Today’s Harajuku Station on the left, with the old building and new complex on the right.


The new complex, which consists of a basement level and four levels above it, will stretch across a site of 1,170 square meters. The development is based around the concept of “connecting with time, town and culture“, and aims to become a new symbol of Harajuku by honoring its past and present heritage.

While it’s yet to be seen whether the old station will appear in its exact original state, JR East says it aims to reuse as much of the old materials as possible, while ensuring the components conform to current laws and regulations. The construction is set to to take place in the eight months from from May to December 2026, with the opening of the commercial facility scheduled for the winter of 2026.

Source: East Japan Railway Company

Insert images: Pakutaso, East Japan Railway Company

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I’m so glad to hear this! The charm of old structures are often more appealing. Many modern buildings focusing more on function and budget constraints have lost the ability to inspire or give joy.

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The picture looks like most of Tokyo. I cannot count the number of 100+ year old buildings (homes, shops, restaurants) surrounded by modern concrete and glass. That is one of the city's characteristics!

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