Hello Kitty at 40, giving adults a license to play

By Miwa Suzuki

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tideofiron... and then you grew old and life was less fun.

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Well, I guess so, given that according to the creator Kitty-chan is not a cat but a 'little girl' with whiskers.

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The forty year old women I know like fine wine and food, good conversation and company. I can't think of a single one of them who would say "Kawaii" over a child's stuffed toy.

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Fine wine and food, good company and speak only about money and success in life looking always at others position.

boring life at all, I'll go for the hello kitty one, seems more interesting to me.

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"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

A quote from a 1974/75 "Doctor Who" story.

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Ain't that the truth!

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Im sorry. Ive tried and I really just dont get it. Shes cute and sweet, and for little girls just adorable. But grown women my age (41) with this stuff? Well each to his own. Something for people like SimondB and I to have long interesting conversations about over a delicious meal and a fabulous bottle of wine. I dont need to be cutesy. Im interesting enough on my own.

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If you haven't grown up by the time you're 50, you don't have to. The big ones they have sitting on overstuffed armchairs in the foyer of the dining room on the mezzanine floor of the Royal hotel in Zao are fabulous photo props.

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Nice. :)

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I'm interesting enough on my own.

I'm the most beautiful man on the planet and the most clever too.

I'll try to check other opinions but I'm sure they agree :)

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