Hello, social distancing. Goodbye, handshakes?

By Omar Younis and Clare Baldwin

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Social distancing is here to stay.

Stadiums, concert halls and pubs will have to be renovated completely to account for social distancing.

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Goodbye, handshakes?

Nope. We are going to defeat this virus and people will be back to shaking hands and sitting next to each other without masks and gloves.

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I do hope this is the end of the handshake, I've always hated them, and always struggled to find a polite way to avoid them.

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Perhaps if people washed their hands more often..............

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I'd rather use my hands to wave goodbye to the virus. It really seems to have brought out the best and worst in people.

There are still people who refuse to wear masks, who cough without covering their mouths and so on.

Perhaps they think they're invincible, or maybe they just have given up.

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When I met my friend the other day we used the "Corona bump" with our elbows when bidding goodbye.

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In India 'Namaste' has been the norm for centuries,which does makes even more sense in the current situation

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Fine with me! As someone with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) including OCD, Japan has been a far less stressful place! People don't try shaking my had and rarely if ever touch me like pats on the back etc... I much rather bow hello goodbye!

Note to the writer the "Vulcan " greeting is actually a Jewish religious gesture so doubt it would be appropriate for general use.

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What about meishi...the business card...handed over with two hands rather than a one hand shake? Double virus doses?

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The long, hard squeeze of U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018 was a classic display of two males seeking dominance. 

Rumor had it that Macron got pregnant from that handshake. :D

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When we meet one another, we press flesh. We take our largest organ, skin, and mash it together with someone else's - naked.

The author's meeting of people has got to be really awkward - naked. I usually save that "mashing of naked flesh" until at least the 3rd date...and only with a special someone, not every bloke and Sheila I meet on the street the first time

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AntiquesavingMay 3 08:47 pm JST

Fine with me! As someone with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) including OCD, Japan has been a far less stressful place

Not sure if I have that, but I avoid the handshake like the plague (no pun intended). If unavoidable, I do it out of social expectation, but will carry wipes to clean when out of view. I also wash my hands after touching doorknobs or anything else really that I have not personally cleaned.

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