Hino City to hold Ayu Sweetfish Festival on Aug 11


Hino City in Tokyo will be holding the 4th annual Ayu Sweetfish Festival along the banks of the Asakawa River from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. The festival will celebrate Japanese fishing tradition with demonstrations of fishing techniques in the river, kid-friendly lessons and games, various food stalls, and a stamp rally. The city will also distribute 2,000 of the event’s titular ayu sweetfish to guests free of charge, salt-grilled on-site. 

AyuFes 3.jpg

The relatively new Ayu Sweetfish Festival started as a project to promote understanding and interest in Tokyo’s unique river ecosystems. The festival shines a spotlight on ayu and other aquatic wildlife found in the Asakawa River, and teaches children and adults alike about the local environment and how it supports our day-to-day lives.

Hino City was designated as Tokyo's first SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Future City on July 1, and looks to use the Ayu Sweetfish Festival and other environmentally-focused events to increase awareness of urban sustainability.


For details about the Ayu Sweetfish Festival, info on free ayu pick-up, and an access map of the festival area, check the festival’s official English webpage at:

Information on Hino City’s Sustainable Development Goals and SDGs Future City designation can be found in Japanese on the City Website at:

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i really like that they are teaching people about environment  in this festival also its in my bd lol

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Save the environment, but each every last thing you can find in the rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

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I went to a similar festival in Gifu about 10 years ago. The kids LOVED it.

So did me and the wife. Yum!

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Unfortunately, these fish are rather bitter...not sweet.

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