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Honda's robot museum guide not yet a people person


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not so impressive. it can be done with any laptop.

Right, but can your laptop do something useful like jump up and down on one foot?

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At least they're working on it. The future of household androids is still very much a trial and error situation. Someday most likely in our lifetimes (if humanity hasn't wiped itself out) there will be a pretty decent functioning android that can walk/run properly as well as understand human commands and gestures.

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Making that artificial brain is proving more difficult than the futurist predicted. But once it does happens, our lives will change quickly. Think unemployment is high now, wait till robots take even more jobs.

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Asimo is quite demanding when performing a live demo. The floor must be very smooth, they have a crew of around 6 technicians in the background, and a spare Asimo, just in case. A very expensive and very limited Q&A machine for bus schedules and airline bookings!

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But still, you have to give that little boy some props for being the face of robotics for the last decade or so.

Give him a few more years and he'll grow up just fine.

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@nightvision google petman robot or Boston Dynamic, that is what you can call a Robot not this Toy.

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Maybe they should embed Apple's Siri?

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A possible future use for Asimo would be to help people buy tickets from vending machines at train stations, Shigemi said, speeding up the process for any humans unfamiliar with the process.

A video display showing how to buy tickets would cost far less and be quicker. A better use for Asimo would be to help disabled people such as paraplegics with tasks around the house. Many paraplegics rely on trained Capuchin monkeys but they can cost upwards of $40,000 and are in short supply; so a robot like Asimo might be a viable alternative.

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lol i think honda should make a 2014 honda prelude! instead of concentrating on robots :/

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Oh no, not Big Dog... Those things come straight out of Metal Gear Solid 4.

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it can recognize a child waving to it

not so impressive. it can be done with any laptop. simple image processing: I'=I(t+1)-I(t)

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