How Internet detectives, and others, find out where you live


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If i can be picky...

are two apps which show parents where their children are on a map., they show where their children's cellphones are on a map. This gives someone with bad intentions a sufficient head-start.

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aptly named app (Creepy).

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Social media sites are started for the main reason of tracking, monitoring, profiling you. It's not some creepy side consequence.

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I believe location can be is stored in EXIF information saved in jpg and some other photo files. If you take the photograph with a camera that has no GPS, this information will not be saved. Perhaps some readers would like to test their cameras and smartphones and let us know if location is stored with the files. In the EXIF information for photographs I take with my camera there is a line that says "GPS information:" but it is followed by a blank.

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Yup, very creepy.

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"Big Brother" is here!

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yes thats very true I was a victim of this internet people of Nigeria scammers.makes this internet as thier income coming from others saying many bad things and lying,those who use my money will die too.and you not be happy coz will finish early unless you do work and get hard. the boy use girl name many thing they did using computer ,the weak and kind will easly give.but those who knows the story will be calm.

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