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How rock star entrepreneur Traci Consoli defied the odds

By Rebecca Quin

Landed in Japan with a one-way ticket, $500 and what she calls “my big mouth”, Traci Consoli’s is a success story that’s defied the odds. Over 16 years, she’s faced it all to grow her business, the Pink Cow, from a small bar in a basement to the legendary Roppongi institution it is today.

The Pink Cow. You’ve probably been there or got a friend who has. Famous for its art performance and music nights, as well as some of the city’s best burritos, it has provided an artistic hub for Japan’s creatives since Traci decided to do what she’d said she never would.

“Friends were telling me I should open my own place for years. But I knew how the tough the restaurant industry could be, especially in Japan, where I didn’t speak the language or have any idea of how to set up a business,” she muses, in between greeting musicians as they arrive for that night’s jam session.

So how exactly did she do it? We caught up with her (and a glass of wine) to talk religious studies, rockstar husbands and opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Japan.

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She's a real dynamo. Never a dull moment when she's in the room.

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I went to the Pink Cow in 2006... I had no idea it was still going (I don't live in Tokyo, but I do live in Japan). Good for her! Great to see success!

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One of my favorite hangouts in Tokyo. I loved the internationalization and I always felt amazing talking to Traci!

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