How to ask for time off in Japanese

By Matthew Coslett

With the sad disappearance of Silver Week workers in Japan won’t be getting much of a break this September. While those people that weren’t happy about the length of this year’s Golden Week can feel good about it, for the rest of us, the fact that we only get two Mondays off in a row (on September 16 and September 23 respectively) is a bummer.

Still, if you want to make a long weekend of it, requesting the Friday before off could be a good way to squeeze out some more rest time before the end of the Japanese summer.

So what’s the best way to ask for some vacation at work? Here’s a few phrases to help.

50 Shades of Time Off

年休 (ねんきゅう) = annual leave. You’ll hear this a lot if you’re working as an ALT or language teacher.

有休 (ゆうきゅう) = a holiday with pay (the standard way to refer to paid leave)

振替休日 (ふりかえきゅうじつ) = a holiday given to compensate for working outside one’s hours, also 代休 だいきゅう is used

病休 (びょうきゅう)  = sick leave

Begin politely

When you want to get time off work, you will need to use your polite Japanese.

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Just use your gaijin power and said in English

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You need to man up and take what's yours.

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When I first joined my company 12 years ago it was difficult to get more than a week off. I don't ask anymore and just tell them that i'm going for 2 weeks or whatever, no probs.

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What I loathe about this country is the need for employees to explain why they are taking time off even for plans made well in advance.

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Take the time off and let them deal with itn

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Nice article. Could you do one on the so-called passive tense 受身形? It keeps confusing me...

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Could you do one on the so-called passive tense 受身形? It keeps confusing me...

No wonder you're confused: the passive is a voice, not a tense.

Tense is about time; when something is/was/will be done.

Voice (passive, active) is about who does the action and who (or what) gets the action done to them.

Invalid CSRF

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How to ask for time off in Japanese

Shitsureishimasu. ( for example, this Friday ) Konshuu no kinyoubi youji ga arunode boku yasumi torimasu.


Worked for me, hehe.

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