Some people think leisure is a waste of time: Here's what I found

By Selin Malkoc

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Anyone who tells you leisure is a waste of time is not someone you should ever take advice from.

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My middle name is leisure.

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Our family friend, Dr. Senbei Kiyaku, Aloha University of Hawaii has touted for years the rejuvenative benefits of leisure. Looking forward to our retirement on the family estate. Freshly ground homegrown-coffee: a dauly morning swim at the beach: year-round, inexpensive, fresh fruit for breakfast, fresh green salad for lunch and delicious Hawaiian beef for dinner. The warm tropical breeze to lull one to sleep.

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Actually, so much work is a waste of time, and energy, too.

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Both the writer and her husband value leisure, they just don't agree on what it is.

For me, lying on a beach doing nothing gets boring very quickly. Five minutes, max. Walking along a beach, however, especially an interesting one with lots of different scenery, rock pools, rock formations, etcetera, is always interesting and relaxing, whatever the weather. Now that's leisure.

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I read an article that showed that exercise not only makes you Healthy but also Happy.

I attest to that. Been exercising and playing many sports since a little kid and I love it.

Plus I am surrounded by similar people almost daily.

If I do not exercise, I feel lethargic. Exercise does not mean only pounding weights in a gym; hiking, playing sports, long walks outdoors, riding a bike etc. is all fun.

With all the stresses of everyday life, exercising keeps me sane.

I also like to travel multiple times a year to enjoy the cultures of different countries.

I am not into accumulating money. My happiness comes from the above activities.

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Leisure is an important part of living and can be enjoyed in an endless number of ways. All work and no play makes every boring person. Living to work, or working to live.

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Why is it always 'either/or' with people nowadays?

To provoke healthy debate?

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This article was a waste of time.

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A beach in itself is leisure. It does not matter if you walk along to collect sea treasures like shells, fossils, stones or whatever, lie on it to get tanned, sitting in a Strandkorb as we love to do in Germany or do some kind of exercise.

The beach is important. The breath of the sea, the breeze, the smell of the coast, the sound of waves.

For me, leisure means beach.

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Leisure is time taken to do what you want to do as opposed to what you (feel you) have to do.

For me, walking/training/exercising my dogs is leisure: tending my allotment is leisure: spending an afternoon baking is leisure. If I were a professional dog trainer, or a farmer, or a baker, those same activities would be work, not leisure.

Lazing on a beach is leisure. Beach combing, snorkeling, diving, are all leisure.

Just do your own thing, and enjoy it. Life isn’t long enough to spend more time than is necessary being ‘productive’.

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“If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

(Common advice about choosing a career.)

Whether or not you love your job, that shouldn’t keep you off the beach, or make you feel guilty about it. It is also true that if you have work to do, you need to do it.

These don’t seem like mutually exclusive ideas. Balance is key.

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As BigYen says, the article is confused and seems to lump "chilling is a waste of time" in with "leisure is a waste of time". Chilling is a form of leisure with a low activity level

I do both. I like to active leisure, such as hiking and cycling up mountains or see cultural stuff in places that have it, but I also like to sit on my backside and post comments on Internet forums like this.

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