Imperial Japan leaves peaceful legacy in Chinese outpost


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Your enemy is not an entire race or nation but all the overempowered bullies in every race and nation. Don't overlook that Japanese girls were worked to death in war factories & boys condemned to fly shoddy kamikaze bombs.

How does national humiliation hurt more than being bullied into giving up life and livelihood for the war machine?

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Imperial Japan's peaceful legacy in Chinese outpost

Peaceful legacy? Taken by force, supressed and enslaved many of the people, murdered opposition, and that's considered "peaceful"? I wonder what dictionary was used to translate the word.

"National humiliation’ must be remembered,” Li said—using a term that refers to the Japanese invasion of China—“but should not impact future generations.”

Now hopefully the rest of his countrymen can follow suit along with everyone else in the region and including the Japanese as well. The past is a guide to prevent the same from happening in the future. But open and honest acceptance has to come before future generations can accept the peace.

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But open and honest acceptance has to come before future generations can accept the peace.

So you advocate open hostility against the Japanese until they admit to war crimes?

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[Li Zhengzai, .... after living in Tokyo for six years he came to respect its culture and adopt its style—so much so that many Chinese now mistake him as Japanese.]

Someone like Li doesn't sound like he would advocate open hostility against the Japanese. You should go back and read the article more thoroughly.

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“‘National humiliation’ must be remembered,” Li said—using a term that refers to the Japanese invasion of China—“

"National humiliation" also includes a century of European imperialist rampage in China, not just Japan's 30 year imperialist rampage.

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The CN-JP relation is indeed under heavy snow fall which seems to wipe out all hope. There is no any other relationship in the world like that of Japan and China: whichever dominates in a given period of time, they actually appreciate each other culturally, like each other emotionally ( both sides are too reluctant to admit ) and depend on each other economically. However, Japan did kill massively on Chinese soil during WWII, that's rather recently, hence every comment of "let's forget about it and move forward" sounds insulting, it doesn't honor the invader, it doesn't honor the victim and it doesn't honor the relationship of Japan and China. To turn the deadlocks into constructive ties: 1. Don't forget but forgive and move forward; 2. Acknowledging history and difference on the islands and co-operate to develop whatever resources that there contains.

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Dalian is special indeed and there is a lot of warmth towards certainly individual Japanese there. The characters on the former Hotel Yamato facing the central rotary park are read "Great Peace". Perhaps there is indeed a feeling of Pax Japonica there.

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“There are good Japanese and bad Japanese.”

A true statement for ANY nationality.

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Japan did more for Dailan than China did.

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Basically modern China was foundation over a modern Japan since late 19 century. The father of modern China: Dr. SunYat San(Reowned by both KMT and Communist) has been long time living in Japan and many japanese friends has helped him before revolution! Generalissmo Chiang Kai Shek he and many other senior KMT leaders were also has been study in Japan, Chiang was an student in Japanese army academy, he was the one that lead China at war with japan! This is what China see japan: Japan is a very convenience 'mentor 'used on her(China) expressway to modernrization but never a trustworthy neighbour! Because Japan cant be trusted!

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Local authorities may have opted not to alienate their Japanese partners, said Rana Mitter

Of course! In China political 'correct' is the fundamental issue to run a political career! A different political orientation is a death wish! In China today: Russia a good guy, Japan is a big bad bastard and the United States is the biggest 'Lucifer' just unnamed! For China, Japan's exist is essential: Solidating the entire country under one 'motto'! I dont think China wants to destroy Japan since she is very useful for the Chinese government to deal with her internal differences!

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i think i will go visit Dalian. :-)

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